Friday, July 30, 2021

7QT: EMT Rides, Great Wolf Rides, and Clean Rides

These summer weeks are flying by, how is it already the end of July?  I'm a poet and I know it, cuz my mad skills show it.  


JP started his ride-a-longs as an EMT!  How crazy that if you live in our town, and you have to call might be my 18 year old son that comes to save your life!?!?  He is loving it so far, and though we never doubted a medical career for him, it's nice to see him enjoying the practical side of it, and not just studying it. 


We took the kids to Great Wolf for an overnight.  This place has been closed down for a looooong time, and recently reopened so the kids were very excited to go.  JP had to work (#adulting) and couldn't come with us, and we got a foretaste of life after this summer when he won't be home anymore (#sentimentalmom).

There is a really good ice cream place near Great Wolf, and I won't say that's why we go to Great Wolf, but it definitely makes the trip sweeter :)  Mocha Chip with chocolate jimmies for life!


One day I came home from work and my dad was having some of my kids help him wash his truck, which is fun when you're little and can get wet on a hot summer's day.  My dad offered to do my van next, which is fun when you're always too tired to take on that task yourself.  Thanks Dad!


We have little track starts on our hands!  Look at all those ribbons from their first track meet.  And I won't even complain that everyone gets a ribbon, nope I won't complain about that at all.


For an introvert, I have been very social this week.  On Sunday we were at the waterpark, Monday was Xander's birthday party, Tuesday was dinner out with a friend, Wednesday was Book Club, and Thursday we had friends over for a fun evening.  Tonight, I just want to have a date with my hubby and then tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend with the family.  It's all been fun, but if I could plan things, it would probably be two social events per week tops.  Do you feel the same?  My husband could be social every night of the week, he thrives on it.  Opposites attract!


Also, all that socializing = lots of extra calories consumed, because you can't be a hostess with the mostest and not provide a spread, amiright?  We are going back on THE PLAN starting August 1 for two weeks until we leave to bring JP to college/visit family.


And that's all I've got to give, my friends.  Have a wonderful end of July kinda weekend!

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  1. We love Great Wolf! I told Andrew we can't go again until this baby is sitting up, because once they're stable sitters they're so happy just sitting in the shallow water by the fountains!


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