Friday, August 6, 2021

7QT: A New Restaurant, A New Recipe and A New Job

 Thank God it's Friday!  And thank God that Friday's motivate me to come write here so I can join up with Kelly and the others for some Quick Takes...


Phil and I went away to the Caribbean for a much needed getaway!


We went to a new restaurant in the city next to us.  Can you believe this view and vibe?  It was so fun!

The place is right on the water, with sand and a stage for music.  We played cornhole and went for a walk while we waited for our table and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Cisco Brewers, we will be back!


I found a great recipe for Chicken Shawarma Salad (the kids ate it on naan) and it's the first time we all ate chicken thighs and liked it!


We have had a few gorgeous nights and are getting some good use of our fire table on our screened porch.  Best purchase we ever made?  Methinks so.


All summer I have been dealing with my iced coffee cup that "sweats" wherever I leave it.  I finally got smart and bought a cozy big enough for my large cup of half calf iced coffee from Cumby's, and it makes me happy every morning.  The small things in life, amiright?


With the countdown on for JP leaving for college, I have been delighted to see how he is planning fun activities with his younger siblings.  Yesterday he took them all to a trampoline park, and he has taken them out for ice cream and to the dollar store and library many times this summer.  As a mom, I pray always that my kids become friends and stay close, and on these rare instances it gives me such hope for the future!  I know he is going to miss them all so much, but it's part of life...the continual goodbyes.  I'm grateful he is making the effort to make memories with them while he's still around.


Maggie has been babysitting a lot this summer!  She started off as a mother's helper, but is so mature and qualified that the moms are eager to leave the house when she comes.  I remember the feeling well!  Her main "client" is our neighbor's one year old daughter who is sooooo cute.  The setup is perfect because we don't have to drop off/pick up...she just walks on over.


And drumroll please....

I have a new job!

I start on August 23rd, and I'm excited for this new adventure.  I'll be working as the Accountant for public schools in a town nearby.  It will be a huge change from being Business Manager at the Catholic high school, but I will be able to focus on one role instead of the many hats I wear now.  Plus, I really needed a change after 10 years and my new boss seems so nice and everyone tells me how great the office staff is.  The pension that comes from working a town job is a great perk too.  Hopefully I can retire once Brendan graduates from college in 18 years.  I'll be 60 then - wow.  OK I'll stop rambling now.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations on the new job!! Public school benefits are pretty excellent—hopefully it's a great work environment!

  2. The story of JP doing things with his younger siblings before going off to college brought tears to my eyes as it reminds me of my oldest brother (who passed away this past January from kidney failure)before he went off to the seminary (didn't work out for him but my youngest brother is a priest!). He did many things for us but there was one special adventure he took us on. Part of it was planned and the rest completely improvised. My two brothers and I have looked back on it fondly over the years - dare I say it was over 25 years ago!!! :) All this to say, that I am certain your children will remain close. While the world nearly deems it impossible and/or unlikely, I truly believe it is a natural and beautiful gift from God. Those who cooperate with His Grace will be rewarded. May God Bless you.

    I am a long time read but my first time commenting - that story just hit me in the right place today.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! It gives me great hope!

  3. Congratulations on your new job!

  4. Sounds like this job came at the right time. Way to go! I so enjoy your stories and also pray that my four will be good friends. Currently they fight alot but then are passionate friends the next minute. (All under age 6).

  5. I admit - I fell for it. I literally stared at my computer screen for a minute thinking WHAT? THEY WENT TO THE CARIBEAN?

    Love that JP is making memories with his siblings. So sweet. Coach and I were just talking about how he and his siblings are so close. He thinks it's because his parents were so crazy strict, controlling, and domineering that the kids banded together as a way of coping. Not exactly a rosy story that a parent would want to emulate, but there you go. I do hope that our kids continue to enjoy one another's company.

    Curly is 13 and a mom I babysit for almost fell over when she realized how young she was, because Curly is so mature for her age (and crazy tall). Curly babysit for a mom with 7 young kids. The mom runs errands and does doc appointments with a few kids and leaves the rest with Curly. She's been known to watch 5 of them at the local pool. The mom is amazed at Curly's babysittig know-how. She and Maggie sound like they are cut from the same cloth.

    Congrats on the new job. Exciting. Fingers crossed that the atmosphere is a good one and that you enjoy your new role.

  6. Can't believe you have one starting college!!'


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