Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Eamon, This Week's Birthday Boy

Eamon Philip turned 15 this weekend, and he remains my favorite Eamon ever (no offense to my cousin out in CA but he doesn't give me hugs daily).

{P.S. For anyone new here, Eamon rhymes with Damon, just don't pronounce the D}

He chose Maple Chicken, rice pilaf, and green beans for dinner (I added a yummy salad with honeycrisp apples, candied walnuts and feta - so good!)

Haley gets hugs too - and not only because she just supplied him with enough sugar for a month or two. 

Time for presents!

A ukelele (he needed it for music class at school!)

Please notice my fine wrapping skills...

Much to my Patriots heart dismay, Eamon has turned into quite the Washington fan like his father.  

He prefers the old team name (Hail to the Redskins!) but likes any Washington gear as long as it doesn't say the temporary (lame) name of "Washington Football Team".  I found this sweatshirt and these masks that made him happy.

Phil picked up this shirt for him last time we were down in Maryland (similar) and we snuck it back up to Massachusetts.

Eamon is a VERY holy and humble kid who teaches me daily how to be a more faithful person.  (This is why I think he's headed to priesthood, but that's God's call to make).  Every night, Eamon asks us what time we are saying the family rosary, and if we are not around, he leads it for his siblings or says it on his own.  The other night, he had the idea to FaceTime with JP at college so that he could say the family rosary with us.  Eamon will be getting confirmed in May, and has chosen Joseph as his Confirmation name (after completing this Consecration to Joseph as a family earlier this year, highly recommend!).  We bought him a Rugged Rosary with a celtic cross and a St. Joseph medal and just happened to have a priest there to bless it on the spot :)

Gammy and Grandpa gave him a new football, which he asks for every year - ha!

I have no idea why Gammy is cracking up, but that is her resting state.

Then we sang Happy Birthday and ate his birthday dessert - Phil's homemade chocolate chip cookies made into ice cream sandwiches - yum!!

I hope all of your wishes come true my wee Eamon.  You are such a gift to your Dad and I and anyone else who meets you.  We love you forever our blue-eyed smiliest kid.


  1. Happy belated birthday Eamon!! I love Rugged Rosaries!

  2. Happy birthday to Eamon! I love that he is so excited to receive a rosary and to pray it daily.


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