Friday, September 24, 2021

7QT: The Last Friday in September

 Happy Friday!  I've been told it's officially fall but it's still summer weather up here in Massachusetts.  Here's a look back at the week.


If you want to run a successful youth group at your parish like our friend Jay does (husband of Michelle), just make sure to plan the messiest, silliest activities you can think of...and they will want to go!  This past month's high school youth group included a Color War and next month will be Pumpkin Launching.  I was going to write how I love to see my kids participate in good, clean fun...and then I remembered the laundry pile after this meeting.  Still worth it :)

Eamon with the perfect teeth

Andrew with the curls for days

Even our new pastor got involved!


I've been following Ernie's adoption story over on her blog, and you should too.  It's full of twists and turns and real feelings and raw emotions and drama.  It makes me long for the blogging days of yore.


My cemetery walks at lunch time are still going strong.  I'm usually too engrossed in an audiobook to pay attention to much else, but a few headstones caught my eye the other day.  

This couple were both born in the 1700s which is typical for these old New England graveyards.

This one really got to me...these poor parents had to bury three of their children.  And they had two children named Zebina that both died as toddlers.  Yikes.

Another tug at the heart..."Our Baby"


Wow, that was morbid.  Sorry!  How about a Xander-ism to lighten things up?  (He's our 10 year old comedian):

Phil tells a joke.

Me: That was such a Dad Joke.

Xander: Well that's a-PARENT.


Some autumn purchases for the dining room (even though it still feels like already said that Colleen...but I want Mother Nature to hear):

(I already have it in navy and it doesn't need ironing, which is my nemesis.) 


Britt wrote a beautiful blog post about letting go on her journey through breast cancer.  She inspires me and I pray for her often.


I'm so excited for this weekend because Eamon turns FIFTEEN and we are going apple picking to a really nice farm in MA that's a bit of a hike, but worthy of our time.  Too many photos to come next week.  You've been warned. :)

Have a wonderful apple-picking, fall-decorating, cemetery-walking kind of weekend everybody!


  1. We (well my husband - so maybe it's a Massachusetts thing) love to visit old cemeteries. There are so many interesting things to discover and you realize that for as much as everything has changed since the 1700s, one thing still remains - DEATH! How's that for morbid on a Friday morning?! :)

  2. Pumpkin launching! That sounds fun.

    I used to walk by a cemetery on my lunch break. As someone that gets very stressed by work, it was a good mid-day reminder and breather that none of what I was stressed about at the time really matters in long run ;)

  3. Originally from MA, but now living in AZ. I just found your blog through Ernie's.

    The name reusing- my great-great grandmother had seven sons. #5 got run over by a train when he was 3 years old. So they reused the name for #7. But we're talking basic names like Joseph/Michael/Peter, not Zebina.

  4. My ex-husband used to serve a parish in rural Minnesota, and the cemeteries surrounding the churches were interesting to walk through.

  5. Colleen - thanks so much for encouraging your readers to visit and read our story. I waited so long to start writing it because I wanted to be sure I knew the ending before I wrote about it- I sort of thought I knew the ending, but lately there is so much weighing on us that we are really struggling. We have relied on prayer this far and we're trying to trust, but that is sometimes easier said than done. Why can't things just be easy?

    Love the color wars - Lad went to Catholic school and in 8th grade his class did that. It was so fun. That cemetery is heartbreaking. Goodness. Oh how I love a good, forgiving table cloth.


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