Friday, October 8, 2021

7QT: A Wheelbarrow, E. Coli, and A New Saint

 Happy Friday of a looooong weekend!  Linking up with Kelly and friends for a look back at the week...


I did something crafty!  I was picking up the million balls in our backyard and saw our rusty old wheelbarrow out of the corner of my eye.  It was tipped over in the back of our yard, behind the swingset.  I went over to move it somehere more hidden, and it was filled with cobwebs and dirt, so I decided to hose it off first.  Once it was cleaned, I thought "This would look cute with a fall display in it!" and texted Phil to pick up some mums on his way home from piano with Xander.  A few minutes later and voila!  

I feel like this tale could be turned into a children's book, "Give Colleen a Messy Backyard".


If any of you have college students, just a reminder that the FAFSA is now available.  

It's a lot easier to complete the second time around, only took me about 20 minutes and a lot of that time was spent figuring out passwords ;)


Our town has a Boil Water Order for the second time in a couple weeks.  It is so annoying!  You don't realize how much you use tap water for until your town gets an E. coli sample in an untreated water source.  Yikes!


The public school system I work for had a professional development day and had Dr. Adolph Brown come speak.  He was good!  He's a neuroscientist/psychologist/educator and he made great points about how we need to control our mouths, since we can't control our brains from having thoughts.  He said that an intelligent person can easily say something dumb, a kind person can say something mean, and therefore a non-racist person can say something racist.  It doesn't mean we are dumb, mean, and racist.  I'm not doing his talk justice, but I was pleasantly surprised and bonus! he has eight kids!


When I went out to my car after the presentation, I thanked my guardian angel for this parking job.  

I didn't even know there was a cement pole there when I backed in!


Kate wrote about watching Moone Boy, a show about an Irish boy named Martin growing up in the 80s.  

Phil and I started watching it, and though it is a bit innapropriate (think middle school boy humor) it is indeed very funny.  Martin's best friend is named Padraig, which was supposed to be my Andrew's middle name but we spelled it the way my uncle had written it (and the way it's pronounced) Pauric.  It gives me a little joy to hear his name called out in the show :)


Please remember the Hill family in your prayers.  They lost their sweet little girl, Margaret and I can't even imagine their heartache.  Rosie and I met years ago and she is definitely a wonderful mom who needs prayers and donations, if you are able.

I hope you all have a relaxing long weekend spent hugging your loved ones and laughing, and crafting, and FAFSA-ing.


  1. I encourage you to write down all the FAFSA passwords (yours and the kids), CSS profiles passwords, along with the kids' SSN and other key info and keep it in a college folder. We've been doing the college game for 8 years now and it's much easier to pull down the file and have it ready to go. (And wrestle the kids' important info out of them - it's such a pain trying to fill out forms and they're out doing classes or activities and don't get back to you for 5 days....)
    And make sure your kid knows their SSN. Trying to correct that after the fact is not easy or fun. :(

  2. I have a FAFSA question. My daughter has a regular bank savings account that she’s been putting money in from work. Does it help/hurt her or us or should I move it to a sibling account temporarily.

    1. You do have to report on the FAFSA how much money is in the bank accounts that belong to you and the bank accounts that belong to your student. The more money that you have equals the less financial aid you will qualify for. I’m not telling you what to do, but your plan sounds like a good one 😊


    2. You might want to watch that kind of transaction. If your daughter has been working for college, they do expect a certain percentage of money from her savings (for some reason I'm thinking 35%?) I don't think they'd want it all. And if she has been working, if they start asking for W-2 and tax forms, they will see what she has made. The disconnect might not help you there. I'm all for not giving colleges any more money than I have to (which is why we put money into our retirement accounts right before we will out falsa!) but anything that's found on a tax form will find its way to the school's financial aid office.

  3. I updated Peter's FAfSA very quickly but struggled to get Sarah's started. Ugh!!!!!! Hopefully I will get it done this weekend. I love your impromptu fall display!

    1. Aaahhh Sarah can’t be ready to leave the nest too 😕 it goes so fast!

  4. I'm happy that Coach handles the FAFSA, but I do know that he couldn't remember a password once and it was a nightmare. I love your fall display, you are a crafty one. I'm going to have to look into this Moone show. Sorry about your need to boil water. Sounds dreadful.


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