Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Phil, This Week's Birthday Guy

Mr. Martin Family Moments turned 41 this week!  

His actual birthday was on Monday, but since Andrew had to work a double shift, and Eamon had a soccer game on Monday, we celebrated on Sunday night instead.

I saw this pie on a tv show and had to recreate it.  Coffee Heath Bar Caramel Ice Cream Pie.  Mmmmm, so easy and so good!  I'll make it for you if you come over :)

I asked all the kids to go stand with their dad for a photo, and poor Brendan bumped heads with Phil.  Hence the tears.  But you know what they say, it's Phil's party, and Brendan will cry if he wants to.

On his actual birthday, we went out to lunch at a restaurant on the water because it was 70 degrees and sunny and these days aren't going to last long!

There was a great band playing, and the place wasn't packed like the last time we were here.  
Early Birds Forever!

We came home for presents before Eamon's game, and I got lots of blurry photos.  Ugh.

It's become a family joke that we reuse the baby gift bags we have accumulated over the years.  So it's not an announcement, much to Maggie's dismay.

Phil's gifts included:

Peter Kreeft's newest book and No Price Too High, a conversion story about a Pentecostal Preacher.

San Damiano Cross to hang in his classroom.  Phil's been teaching high school theology for 19 years, and he finally got his own classroom this year.  Previously he had his Dept. Chair office and he would "float" from class to class to teach.  Now he stays in his room, and kids come to him and he can decorate it and really make it feel like home.


This Bourbon Whiskey Coffee was expensive which I hope translates to taste!

I have been creating glasses as the years go on from Shutterfly that depict the longitude and latitude of all of the places we have lived together.  The glasses were on sale, so I made four this year - Gaming, Austria - Osterville, MA - Hyannis, MA - and Steubenville, OH.  Slainte!

And Phil's birthday would not be complete without a Washington football gift, so he now has a new bottle opener to hang in the kitchen.  Not that we open many bottles, but it matches the kitchen decor so I'm good with it :)

Philip, we all love you so very much and look up to your example of an honest, faithful, hard-working non-complaining man.  You are truly a servant leader for our family, and we are all very blessed to have gotten "one of the good ones" and I swear you must have been the inspiration to this song:


  1. Fun to catch up on your family! Kids are so big!

  2. Hooray for his own classroom and I laughed at the baby gift bags and sorry to disappoint Maggie. Hee hee. Looks like a fun celebration.


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