Thursday, December 16, 2021

That's What He Said

 It's so fun being a parent!!!  Here's proof...

Unrelated photo of some family fun.

Declan (age 7): Mom, when can we go to Pope Yes again?

Me: What's that?

Declan: You know, Pope Yes, where they have chicken sandwiches.

Me: You mean Popeyes?

Declan: Oh that's how you spell Popeyes?


Brendan (age 5): Mom! Xander is being so hypocritical!

Me: (Trying not to laugh that my Kindergartner uses the word hypocritical) What's he doing?

Brendan: He is just so sarcastic and then he told me that I'm sarcastic, and that's being hypocritical!


Xander (10): Mom, babies come out of their mother's belly buttons, right?

Me: Nope

Xander: Then how do they get out?

Me: Welllll, moms have a special hole where babies come out. 

*tries to find an actual hole to crawl into and get out of this conversation*

Maggie (14): Wait, how many holes do I have??




Me: Maggie, we need to talk.


JP (age 18): I'm worried about my first semester grades.

Dad: It's an adjustment period, grad schools will understand, and you will bring them up next semester.

JP: My Advisor said I need to get all As to get into a PA school.  


I guess I might just have to go to medical school and become a doctor instead.


Xander (10): Today I saw my old teacher and she walked the other way to avoid me.

Me: I'm sure she just didn't see you.

Xander: Oh, she definitely saw me.  I'm the reason she quit!


  1. Declan and Pope Yes!! That's straight up a tell me you're Catholic without telling me your Catholic moment!!!

    1. Haha, he’s as holy as he is illiterate 🀣

  2. "Opening" is much more delicate.

    Good times.

    1. Definitely. I wish you had been in the kitchen to answer the questions!

  3. So funny. I remember wondering the same thing as Maggie. It wasn't really explained well for years. ;) I told Tank not to worry about his grades because he seemed stressed. That may have been a mistake. I recently asked him how often he sees a girl we know from Irish dancing and he said, WELL I SEE HER OUT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, BUT NOT EVERYONE GOES OUT EVERY NIGHT, BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE HAS A MOM THAT TOLD THEM THEIR GRADES DIDN'T MATTER. Ouch. Tank is not planning on grad school and I JUST WANTED HIM NOT TO FEEL STRESSED. I didn't mean for him to relax quite that much.


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