Friday, December 17, 2021

The Martin Christmas Letter, with Rhyming Cuz It's Better

The Christmas cards have been sent, so now I can share,
 these photos and updates on our family this year.
I'm not the best poet, but it does make me happy,
To "rap" up 2021 without getting sappy.

Phil continues to teach high school theology,
Catholic Social Teaching, Bioethics and Morality. 
He volunteers as well, spreading God's love like seeds,
Fulfilling St. Francis' message to preach by our deeds.

Colleen had a rough year, she must admit,
That started with shingles which took her down for a bit.
She sent her oldest to college, put her youngest in Kindergarten,
And started a new job as the public school district Accountant.

JP graduated from high school, became an EMT,
Skipped a year of college due to credits from his AP's.
He is living the life at Franciscan University,
Studying, playing and dating, a happy boy is he.

Andrew is a Junior already, and the Treasurer at that,
He devotes his time to Soccer, Basketball and AP Calc.
Andrew has the nicest friends, and teachers he aims to please,
He likes sports cards, his new glasses, and nothing with cheese.

Eamon is a Freshman still praying to grow,
He gives his all in sports and school and it shows.
He calls us together for the rosary at night - our holy nagger,
We only hear him complain when he has to go to work as a bagger.

Maggie is practically a woman, yet only in Grade Eight,
She loves basketball, volleyball, soccer and to bake.
If I had the ability to clone her, I certainly would,
And her dad would send her to the convent if he could.

Xander, a 5th grader, continues to practice,
Both his comedy routine and piano playing prowess.
He's been running with Dad to help get in shape,
And listening to the Lord of the Rings when he needs a break.

Declan received his First Reconciliation, now that he's seven,
And said "my shoulders feel lighter" after his sins were forgiven.
He loves soccer, basketball, track, really anything outside,
But still cries when he hears someone sniff, though we try to hide.

Brendan is our big guy now, a Kindergartner for real!
He loves deep and plays hard and never misses a meal.
His hugs are the best, and we all hope,
That he will listen to us when we say "Stop growing up".

Well 2021, you certainly had your ups and downs,
More good than bad, more smiles than frowns.
We count our blessings each day, and they include YOU,
And we look forward with joy to 2022.

Merry Christmas and SEAS and GREETINGS!

The Martin Family
Phil, Colleen, JP (18), Andrew (17), Eamon (15), Maggie (14), Xander (10), Declan (7) and Brendan (5)


  1. you got some beautiful pics!!

  2. Great job, Colleen. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on your blog. This makes me smile. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  3. Incredible pictures with the perfect light, beautiful sea and most especially radiant kids ! The Irish and Italian genes seem strong !And your rhyming is always funny ;)

  4. This is so awesome and fun. Proof once again that we have so much in common . . . I write a Christmas poem every year and stick it in with my cards, which is the reason that I am struggling to get things done this year- it took a long time to get the poem done and 'approved' by the offspring. Just sent them out Tuesday, which is late for me. The poem started when Curly was born Dec 19th because I did her birth announcement in rhyme with lines like NEVER QUIET AS A MOUSE, etc. You have a beautiful family. Have a Merry Christmas!


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