Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Twenty years old was I
When I finally met "the guy".
While studying abroad in college,
I discovered both love and knowledge.
I called my mom to let her know,
She answered with "I told you so."
For she had known that I would find,
My future husband who was one of a kind.

Twenty years ago today,
I married that guy who swept me away.
What can I say about this prince of a man,
He's a saint, my best friend, my #1 fan.
The most generous person I've ever met,
He gives and he gives with no regret.
Never once has he made me seem,
Anything less than a beautiful queen.

Twenty years ago our family began,
That young groom quickly became a man.
He's provided for both our needs and wants,
Teamwork makes the dreamwork he chants.
Our kids have the best role model,
In words and actions, it's him they follow.
Which makes me happy, makes me laugh,
Because I know he's the better half.

Twenty ways to describe my Phil,
Is not enough, but try I will.
Handsome of course, wise beyond years,
Holy yet humble amongst his peers.
Kind and caring and good to all,
Always ready to catch me when I fall.
Friendly to strangers, helpful unasked,
Listens intently and puts himself last.

Works hard on the job and at home,
Never complaining, not even a moan.
Grocery shops and cooks and cleans,
Yardwork and housework, all needs are seen.
A mighty fine catch who still makes me blush,
With his sweet words and affectionate touch.
Loyal to his promises, his vows he heeds,
Teaches of God in both words and deeds.

Twenty years more from now, 
If the stars align and God allows,
We will make our dream come true,
By sitting at home with our growing crew.
We envisioned it while we were dating,
And in that direction we seem to be heading.
Seven wonderful children, who will, we pray,
Gives us loads of grandbabies one day!

Happy 20th Anniversary Phil. While I would happily marry you all over again, I somehow love you more now than I did back then (and back then I loved you lots!).  Thanks for choosing me twenty years ago and every day since.  I love you!


  1. I won't try rhyming (how could I ever compare to your amazing poem) but I am so blessed to have you as my wife and best friend!!!! It has been a joy to spend the last 20 years with you! You have been my support and strength. I would not be the man I am if not for your encouragement, patience, and steadfast love. You keep our household running... which is a fact considering that I have never had to pay a bill because of you. You also keep our house filled with laughter and dancing. You have made our house a home. You are the heart of this amazing family and I would be lost without you. I thank God for 20 years and pray for decades more with you. I choose you every day of my life. I love you Colleen!

  2. It's definitely the high pollen count that's making my eyes water. That's it. Seriously you too, thank you for being a strong example to others around you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Madeline, and for being a great supporter.

  3. Happy anniversary! We just had our 20th as well, in March. 2002 was a good year!

  4. This is so lovely! We celebrate #13 this year and I feel we've grown more in love each year. (Lots of challenges, for sure, but a deeper relationship in so many ways.) I'm excited to get to 20 years and beyond.
    And Phil's response in the comments was also lovely!!! <3

    1. Happy marriages are such a blessing!!

  5. What a beautiful poem! I didn't know you were a poet and a comedian/super mom! Happy anniversary to you both. *cheers* to many more happy years.

    1. Thanks! Cheers to you (with sauvignon blanc)!

  6. AnonymousMay 18, 2022

    Happy anniversary to you and Phil! God has truly blessed you both!

  7. Such a beautiful poem and tribute. Thanks for sharing. Happy anniversary to you both.

  8. I like your poem. It's heartfelt and makes me smile with its wisdom. Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thank you, I think our wisdom in marriage is that we know nothing but we'll happily figure it out together - ha!

  9. AnonymousMay 18, 2022

    Happy anniversary! It's encouraging to read about your life of striving for holiness and being normal and real along the way

    1. Oh geesh, thanks! What a nice thing to say :)

  10. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!


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