Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Wednesday Wrap Up: Walking Weirdness, Wordle Wins, and Wronged Woes

It's fire pit season, and the tabletop version we bought over a year ago still brings us so much joy.  We sit on our screened in porch and pretend we are out somewhere fancy.  We added a new twist on our most recent home date night...Keno to Go!  You just buy a Keno ticket and then you can watch the recorded games play out on your phone as if it's in real time.  It's like being in a crowded noisy bar minus the crowds and noise :)

During my lunch walks, I have come across two very interesting women.  The first one walks a loop on her dead-end street without coming onto the main road where I walk.  Every day, I watch her loop around a few times as I pass by and wonder why she won't venture out further than her own small street.  Could it be fear?  Maybe she is caring for someone and needs to stay close to home but also wants to get some steps in?  Perhaps her child is napping and she has a monitor in her pocket waiting for the child to wake up?  Very interesting.

The second woman was older, and she was walking on the main sidewalk as I approached from the opposite direction.  As soon as she saw me, she tried to cross the road, but a car was coming.  She waved wildly at the car to hurry up, like this:

But as I was getting closer to her, and the car was still in her way, preventing her from crossing the street, she abruptly turned and walked down someone's driveway in a circle until I passed on the sidewalk.

Ummm. What?

Am I that offensive?  I took a selfie after to see if I had any strange markings on my face that would have caused her to run from me like that:

Nothing weird here, just your typical mom out for a lunch walk.  My close-mouthed smile is a little creepy, I admit.  But wow, I never felt so disgusting to somebody before.  I thought maybe she may have fear of Covid, but she was walking on a busy street, without a mask, knowing she was bound to have to pass people.  It must be something else.

Declan picked up his violin the day before his First Communion.  We are renting from a music store, because apparently new violins cost $825 to buy.  Yikes!  I am going to start his lessons soon, and then see if it's worth renting my own violin to learn with him.

This past weekend, while Andrew (17) was parked in his high school's parking lot at night to watch the musical, someone came along and cut the catalytic converter from his car and his friend's car.  When they went to leave after the play, they were both startled by the sound of their cars - so loud!  Phil and I hadn't heard of people doing this, but apparently it's been on the news.  People cut them out and sell them because the metal inside is worth something.  Phil drove out to meet with Andrew and the cops, who said there have been a few reports of it happening in that town lately.  Meanwhile we have to get his car fixed $$$ and sometimes I just can't believe the rottenness of people.  I will say that my faith has taught me to pray for these thieves and realize that they must have a very tough life to need to act this way.  But still :(

In better news, I was able to solve Wordle in two tries on two days in a row!

And now you all know my starting word - feel free to use it!

Finally, I was asked to share about a free Catholic Women's Virtual Conference that has tons of amazing speakers.  You can register here:


  1. Stealing catalytic converters is a big issue around here sadly. I hope you are able to get his car fixed quickly. There's a woman that lives near me who walks. Any time a car comes by (which is often as its a busy road), she will stop walking, turn and face away from the road, and look down until the car passes. She does this any time a car passes her which is crazy. I've tried many times to come up with a reason why she does this. It wasn't until I saw her at the gas station talking to herself and mumbling under her breath wildly that I realized she was a touch crazy!

    1. Oh wow, you have a walker story too! So funny, but maybe one day that will be us!

  2. How terrible about your son's car. Those things are so frustrating and saddening (and maddening).
    We got Wordle in 2 tries twice in the last week (for the first time ever) and we were so, so close a third day. We went with tasty, instead of hasty.
    We do it as a family and we each get a turn to pick a word, so ours varies every day. I'm not sure what the best strategy is, but the kids are ENTRENCHED in the habit of getting to pick the starting word every 4 days. It is a highlight of everyone's day and we do it over breakfast each morning.

    1. I love that you involve your kids, so fun. My 15 year old asked my 5 year old to pick a five letter word, and he picked BRAIN. He got the AIN in the right spots, and got the right word on the 3rd try. Kids are so impressive! Or lucky! Or both!

  3. Best of luck with the fiddle lessons. I hope you pick it up. I've always wanted to play something, but I don't think it is in the cards for me. I assume the woman has some fear of covid, but when why not wear a mask? I believe it is said that the mask protects others from your germs, so maybe that's her issue? Still, so odd. Congrats on your word guessing. I don't do wordle, but I know getting the word fast is an accomplishment. So sad that people would do that to cars. Thanksgiving weekend about 4 years ago, someone popped the tires of our teen car while it was on our driveway. So frustrating. They certainly weren't trying to sell something. Such a pain.

    1. That makes no sense to pop someone's tires unless they were seeking revenge for something, which I'm sure wasn't the case! Just got the bill from the mechanic, he did an "inexpensive" workaround and gave us a "break" on the labor and it still costs $640.

  4. So sorry to hear about the car story! There is just nothing fun about that at all! Our entire family loves Wordle. It is one silly way we keep in touch - our three kids are all adults. - iIt is part of our family group chat and a way to stay in touch and say "good morning!"

  5. Oh I am sorry to hear about Andrew's car. That's such a problem!! My parents just did a trial program in MN that marks each catalytic converter with a special plate that can't be removed and it's registered to their cars. So if they are stolen they can't be resold. We have considered buying the cages that lock them in place. Also, love your funny walker stories. Keep us posted!

  6. Oh, the catalytic converter thing is a problem here as well. Every day it seems there's a report on our community facebook page. Sorry it happened to your son! Also here, people step way out of the way when other people approach on the sidewalk, often into the street or onto a home's walkway or driveway. It's a Covid distancing thing so perhaps that could be the case? Maybe the lady was extra worried since she didn't have a mask on. I know if I run past someone I take a wide berth around them and also turn my head.

  7. I think Lady #1 has someone in the house she is caring for. OR she has a fear of leaving her street.
    Lady #2 is a lunatic and you should avoid her at all costs.

    It makes me so sad to hear things like what happened to Andrew's car. People can be rotten.

    I've been killing it on wordle and I feel all puffed up and proud when I do it so easily.
    I usually start with a bl word. Blend, Brain, Brads, etc...


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