Thursday, May 5, 2022

Yeah I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want

Sunday is Mother's Day and if you haven't yet bought your mom (or your children's mom) a gift, then I've got you covered!  While every mom deserves a nice present, it doesn't have to be something you can buy at the store.  As a full-time working mom of seven wonderful children, I can think of many alternative gifts I would prefer over a last-minute order from Amazon.

1)  A Nap (This is Definitely Number One)

Moms are tired, ask any mother you know and she'll verify that fact.  Tell her to take a nap, light a few candles, turn on a sound machine, and most importantly TAKE THE KIDS AND DOGS OUT OF THE HOUSE.  There's nothing more annoying than trying to sleep with a dog barking or a kid yelling from the bathroom asking you to wipe them.  Put her phone/watch on sleep mode and her favorite beverage next to her bed.  Bonus points if you hang a sign up by the doorbell warning anyone who rings it that they may be causing your future divorce.  Kidding, mostly.

2) A Meal (She Doesn't Have to Shop For, Prepare, or Clean Up After)

Going out to eat is fun, but restaurants get busy on Mother's Day, so if you go that route, please make a reservation or call ahead.  Personally, I prefer takeout (or home-cooked if you are skilled) set out on nice china.  What are you saving that wedding china for anyway?  Mom deserves it!  Kids can get involved in cooking the meal, since the main goal is that mom doesn't have to, but choking down scrambled eggs speckled with shells is not the stuff mom's dreams are made of.  The effort is sweet but the end result needs to be edible.  If she had to buy the groceries for, or clean up after said meal, the gift is null and void.  Sorry but I consulted with my legal team and they agree.

3) Pampering

This can come in many forms, lucky you!  I love a good foot rub with a relaxing lotion. Some moms may prefer to get their nails done, a facial, a massage, a soak in the tub, or a visit to the hair salon.  Even a suggestion to go watch a movie or read a new book in peace while you take care of the house and kids would feel luxurious.  Just hearing the words "Why don't you go do___________ while I take care of things here" is a gift she'll treasure.

4) A Clean Car (or Kitchen or Bookshelf or Cabinet or Shower)

When my lovely children ask what I want for Mother's Day, I always tell them I absolutely do not want them to spend their hard-earned money on me.  And I mean it.  However, a clean car is high on my list of Lifestyles I Do Not Have Time For and therefore makes a great gift.  Can kids always do the best job cleaning?  No.  But even if my car gets 50% cleaner, that's a win.  Preferably, they can clean my car outside while I am napping inside :)

5) Flowers (But Not The Kind You Are Thinking Of)

I love a good bouquet of flowers like the next mom, but honestly I would prefer a flowering plant that I could have for years to come.  I would rather pull into my driveway and see a cute little line of tulips adorning the way then look at tulips in a vase on my counter.  A tree planted with help from the kids that will stand the test of time would be another great option.  Even a potted plant that stays indoors would be much more appreciated than a bouquet that will die in a week.

6)  A Shopping Spree

Well, maybe not as much a spree as just the opportunity to go pick something out for mom and only mom.  Does that sound selfish?  Well one day a year moms get to be selfish to counteract the other 364 days a year they put themselves last.  Give her a gift card to her favorite store (may I suggest Marshalls/TJ Maxx) and then, here's the kicker, tell her to go out and buy herself something.  For this introvert, shopping alone on Mother's Day is a real treat, but if she's an extrovert, maybe she can get some mom friends to go with her.  Or better yet, she can take her own mother and use your gift while giving the gift of quality time to her own mom.  

7)  A Family Activity

Sounds simple, but most moms will agree that Mother's Day should be spent with the mother lovers that made them a mom (you know, apart from the napping).  If the weather agrees, a nice walk or bike ride is very much appreciated.  Family time together, some activity to burn off the Mother's Day treats, and Vitamin D keeps everyone's spirits high.  If the weather is not as beautiful as she is, maybe a family board game or movie could scratch her family bonding itch.

8)  A Photo

Moms are notoriously annoying about making everybody else get in photos but rarely appear in them.  It's usually because they are behind the camera making sure  So set a timer on your camera and pose for a nice family picture to add to those memories she so diligently records.  Or just step behind the camera and take multiple (multiple!) photos of her with the kids while you yell out phrases like "Work it! Gorgeous! You are killing this! Beautiful!".

In the end, know that no matter how you choose to celebrate the moms in your life, she will appreciate the effort.  Moms are super like that :)


  1. I concur on...all of this. I need to make my own list of "Lifestyles I Do Not Have Time For" - this is both hilarious and true.
    Re. the picture; I have THREE Mother's Day pictures where one of my children is crying for the camera (and they weren't babies). It actually became a bit of a sweet addition to the day and I made a little collage of them one year for kicks.
    I think we're past that stage now, somewhat sadly. One year the tears were from "how bright the sun is in my eyes" - it was an overcast day. Sigh.

    1. As the older mothers say "you'll miss that one day!" But really, will you? Ha! Once they are teens they get a lot more camera shy for sure. I'm always like "Please give me a nice photo...that's my gift....that's all I want!"

  2. This is a great list, and I relate to all of it. So much. Please, offspring - clean the showers. I'm begging. I just downloaded the pics of my birthday. Coach took 2. Me and the kids. I love them so much, but Lad is closing his eyes in one and the one before that he is almost closing his eyes, so he looks like he is on drugs. So, yes - take LOTS OF PHOTOS. I am always in need of a nap. When I was a hormonal young mother, I remember one mother's day that I cried because I felt guilty not wanting to spend time with the kids because I wanted to NAP so badly. I felt like I was missing the point of the exercise, but alas - the nap keeps one going. Breaks are necessary.

    I just hosted a Zyia active wear party last night and so I cleaned the first floor till I was dripping in sweat. Mid-clean I was kicking myself. Duh, I should've scheduled the party for after mother's day because my people would've cleaned the house for me. *smacks hand on forehead.

    1. I agree with the Mother's Day guilt when raising little ones. I used to just say that I wanted a day when I didn't have to be a mom. Those days were so hard!!! Luckily it gets easier, or we get wiser :)

  3. I hope you get all that you've dreamed of here-- and a little more. Love the last image.

  4. I love Lifestyles I Do Not Have Time For. Please make this a whole post. And Happy Mother's Day!


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