Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

Oh wow, this weekend was so fun.  Our goddaughter/former babysitter/eighth child, Haley, got married!! 

On Saturday, we had Haley and Jonathan's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  All of the kids had a role in the wedding, and everybody took off work for two days and it was just the best family time together.

The wedding took place on Sunday (Father's Day).  Haley had asked the boys to serve the wedding Mass, and since Declan had just received First Communion in May, he was able to serve for the first time at her wedding.  He was so excited!  He was in charge of the "boat" where the incense is kept.  This boy could have walked out of a Norman Rockwell painting...

Five altar servers, what more could a mom ask for?

Brendan (Haley's godson) had a big role as ringbearer, and he looked so adorable in his tux.  The other ringbearer was Jonathan's godson and he was equally adorable.  They became fast friends.  They are both five years old...though Jackson will tell you he's five and a half, and Brendan will counter that he's five and three quarters.  And these things matter.

Here comes the bride!

I don't have a photo of it, but Maggie read the First Reading like a pro, and we realized she was dressed just like the bridesmaids - whoops!  Except I got her dress from amazon for $40 and they probably spent lots more.  My dress was from amazon too :)

The wedding Mass was held in the chapel at Providence College, where Haley attended grad school and Jonathan went for his undergrad.  The reception took place at the lovely White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA.  The long drive between the church and the venue was worth it for the stunning views!

The bride and groom rode down in that glass lift to take photos on the beach below.

Possible Christmas card photos 2022?

The food was so delicious - either filet mignon or tuscan chicken.  So many hors d'oeuvres to fill up on before the meal as well...mmmmm scallops wrapped in bacon.  Take me back.

Look at those little hams being introduced...they were gifted sunglasses and socks that said "Ring Security".

Haley and Jonathan had a lot of fun, and looked gorgeous too!

Haley worked at a school staffed with Dominican sisters, and they were so cute, as were the Dominican priests who said the wedding.  During the homily, Fr. James made a lot of cracks about Franciscans and how much better Dominicans were, just to get under the skin of all the Franciscan grads in attendance.  Church humor.  So funny.

We had our own table for nine, and played telephone and wrote down our song requests to give to the musicians.  At one point Brendan asked "How do you spell Jennifer Lopez?" and I was like, wait, what on earth? and he said "I want to ask them to play 'Let's Get Loud' by Jennifer Lopez!"  
Tell me you have older brothers without telling me you have older brothers :)

At the end of the night, we realized we didn't get a group shot of the Franciscan alumni with the photographer, so please excuse this poor quality one instead.

Below is a snippet Phil took of us dancing.  When I tell you we danced all night, I am not joking, and the huge sweat mark on the back of my dress proves it.  They had dueling pianos, and the music was so good!  It was honestly one of the best weddings I have ever been to and our family felt  like we were on a fancy vacation together.  Every detail was just perfect.

May God bless Haley and Jonathan with lots of happy years together and lots of babies!!


  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2022

    Awww, Haley looks gorgeous and the whole Martin gang looks great too! I was just at a wedding (and have another this weekend, oy!) and my little sister also realized she matched the bridesmaids, and I assured her "so do probably 7 other ladies here" - navy dresses are popular and classic for a reason lol! Love the "rivalry" smack talk (lol) between celebrant and sisters/other priests!

    1. Haley looked so so beautiful! Yeah, navy is very classic and trendy :)

  2. The wedding and reception look like fun. The bride's dress and veil are beautiful. I like navy dresses. Everyone looks classy and comfortable in that color. Glad you had such a good time.

    1. I think her dress took a lot of work to get right, but it certainly looked perfect on the big day!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! It looks absolutely perfect. And yes, I think you already have your Christmas card photo!

    1. I think so too, except I'm waiting to see the photographer's photos and hoping she captured something better!

  4. What an event!!!! I love the altar serving pic, just amazing!


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