Monday, July 25, 2022

Weekend Wrapup: Sad News, Sore News, Food News, and Good News


I was so so sad to hear about the death of Kendra Tierney's husband Jim, following a courageous battle with brain cancer.  I have followed Kendra's blog for years and once Jim started blogging, followed him too.  What a holy man!  Their story really touched me, and I offered up holy hours for his healing, but alas it wasn't God's Will.  Kendra seems so very strong throughout this whole process, and is an inspiration.  I will keep praying for Jim's soul and his family's devastation.  Look at all those little babies:


I don't know how to transition from that sad news, so I'll just tell you that I swam at the YMCA for approximately 4 minutes with a kickboard, and now my neck is so stiff and sore and I can't move it.  It's tough to get old.  Officially awkward transition success.


The three little guys went to Vacation Bible School for the first time ever.  They loved it!  The theme was the Knights of North Castle, and they had fun creating an outfit consisting of a Shield of Faith, Breastplate of Justice and Belt of Truth:


You know how you make a certain meal a lot, then forget about it for years and then remember it and the kids all love it?  That happened last night when I made Swedish Meatballs.  I would give you the recipe, but all I do is buy little spice pouches and follow the directions.  The kids ate it with egg noodles and Phil and I ate it with roasted cauliflower and burrata:


On another food you have a meal that you only eat once or twice a year?  Not for a holiday, but it's just a treat meal that you rarely eat?  Mine are a lobster roll and a hot pastrami sandwich, which I made this weekend:

The lobster roll is still on my elusive summer bucket list.


Phil got a new job!  Well, not a new full-time job...he is still the Theology Chairperson at the Catholic high school, but now he is also the Director of Religious Education at our parish.  The position is for twelve hours a week and is a bit flexible, aside from Sunday morning religious education classes.  He used to be the DRE at our old parish for about five years, and gave it up when we switched to this parish ten years ago.  I'm so proud of my God-loving hard-working husband.


This is a buzzzzzy week.  We have work for everyone older than 13, sailing camp for anyone under 11, basketball camp for the only girl, driver's ed classes for the almost 16 year old, and a birthday to celebrate.  Phil actually created a spreadsheet to figure out who needed to get dropped off and picked up where and when.  Luckily the sailing camp is close to my work and I can help with the driving for those kids.  Of course, Brendan's age puts him in a half-day camp while the others are full-day so nothing is ever easy.  What would we do without the chaos?!?!  It keeps us young (she types hopefully!)


  1. Oh that is such sad news. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine. What a beautiful family.

    I did not make chicken and carrots for a few years. It's a crock pot meal that my kids loved, but grew sick of. When I reincarnated it, they loved it and wondered why I hadn't made it in so long.

    Love the vacation bible school pic. And some weeks require spreadsheets! Good luck with the busy week.

    1. That's golden big family advice there - "Some weeks require spreadsheets!" Hahaha so true :)

  2. I believe I'd need a spreadsheet every week if I were wearing your shoes.
    So sorry about the loss of your blog friend's husband; he was much too young.
    I'd forgotten a few of my favorite staples in the kitchen and they are making a comeback. (homemade hamburger (turkey) helper with lots of fresh veggies over ravioli.)
    Swedish meatballs sounds like a fun dinner!

  3. This was so sad. :( I followed both their blogs too. Many prayers for that sweet family.


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