Monday, August 22, 2022

Brendan's Birthday Bash






And now our baby, Brendan Joseph is SIX!!

Because his birthday is at the end of the summer, we usually take a family vacation sometime near his birthday.  His last three birthdays (or the ones he can remember) have been spent in North Conway, NH or Maryland or Laconia, NH so now when it's time for his big day to come around, he asks "Where are we going?"  This year we are staying home BUT we surprised the kids with a day trip to the Cape Cod Inflatable Water Park

The night before his birthday, we had pizza (his choice) with his godmother and my parents where he got a few gifts from his wishlist, like bath bombs (don't all 6 year old boys ask for this?!?)

And a Bluey stuffy and activity book :)

Then he opened a card saying that we were going to the Inflatable water park the next day!

On his actual birthday, we woke up to donuts for breakfast and he opened another present from us, a new backpack filled with surprises...

Then it was off to the Cape for some fun in the sun!!

* Note: Do you remember when we bought our most recent car from an elderly woman and she gave us the price but then said she wanted to take $50 off per kid so that we could use that money to do something fun with them?  Well her pay-it-forward price cut helped to fund this trip! *

I barely had my phone with me all day, but we had a really great time!  We were there from 10-6 and had packed a lunch in a cooler and then hit up Chick-fil-A on the way home.  There are three "parks" here, one filled with tons of inflatable fun, one water park with slides and play structures, a lazy river and wave pool, and the new Flow Rider surfing ride pictured above.

Once home and showered, Brendan opened the last couple presents...look at his precious reactions!

 Gift links:

Minion Fitbit (his top request)

(from Ashley's recommendation)

Backpack in his favorite color (orange)

Wallet with his favorite animal (dogs)

(A beautiful picture book that prays the Angel of God and St. Michael prayers through art.  Use code  "ANGELS10" for 10% off the book!)

Brendan, you are the bestest little caboose to our family train.  We all think the world of you and your sweet demeanor.  You love to draw, play outside, swim, read, whistle, and you already know a few songs on the piano before lessons have even started.  You dream of being an artist and a paleontologist and a saint.  Your hugs make everything better and you remember everything and are so considerate to others' feelings and what they are going through.  You are definitely an old soul who is so mature and aware. You are going to slay First Grade ;)  We don't deserve to be your parents but we are so thankful God chose us.  We love you from the bottom of our stinky toes!!


  1. Aww. Love the "caboose" imagery. What great reactions and that water park looks like SO MUCH FUN. I have often wished my kiddos had summer birthday's. March and November in Canada is...not the time for waterparks :)
    Happy Birthday to Brendan!

    1. Ah yes, but your kids get to have "school birthdays" where everybody acknowledges them! The grass is always greener :)

  2. That is a birthday dreams are made of!!! I am totally stealing some of these gift ideas, thanks!!

  3. What a great birthday for your little caboose!

  4. That comment was from me. Whoops!

  5. What a great birthday! I can't believe he is SIX! Wasn't it yesterday we all found out it was "Maggie in the Middle" not "Maggie Gets a Sister"? Yesterday I tell you. Happy birthday Brendan! Looks like it was a fun time.

    1. So much fun, and yes the time certainly flies, as you know!

  6. I remember waiting to see when he was born!!! Happy Birthday to your baby! And he will always be your baby. My baby Is almost 13!!!!!!!

    1. I always call him the baby and he always corrects me - ha!

  7. You sure do birthdays right. Please don't share your birthday approach with our gang. They would be saying LUCKY! if they were still around 6 years old. He is a gem. Love his reaction and love that you used your car savings to enjoy some family time. Looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Heehee the funny thing is that I feel like we have very low-key no friend only family birthdays normally, but these summer boys give us an excuse to have some family fun :)

  8. Aw, little cutie! Happy birthday Brendan!


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