Friday, September 2, 2022

Week in Review: Apparently All We Do is Eat

Some kids started school on Tuesday and the rest started on Wednesday, but by Thursday they were all ready to head off into the new year together.

Eamon, Brendan, Maggie, Declan, Xander and Andrew - I should have bought stock in Merrells and Sperrys.

JP spent last weekend in Salzburg, Austria visiting the home of Mozart, Mirabell Palace and an 11th century fortress while eating schnitzel.  For real, he ate schnitzel in Salzburg.  Living the dream!

On the last day of summer, we took the little guys (the older ones were in sports practices) for pizza at an Italian restaurant that has a really good Monday pizza deal.  We ordered extra to take home to the starving teenagers because we ain't jerks.  It was delicious and we will most definitely be back!

On their first (half-day) of school, I picked them up on my lunch break and took them out for ice cream.  Declan chose to get a hot dog meal instead of ice cream for lunch and we will be voting on whether we should kick him out of the family for that sin.

Did you guys know that you can cook meatballs and spaghetti squash in your slow cooker AT THE SAME TIME?  I did not, and it made a super easy and healthy meal for Phil and I.  The kids ate real pasta but I wasn't mad about it because this came out yummy.

I am trying out football food recipes before the real season starts, and this one was a hit.  It's taco meat with cheese inside a crescent roll ring.

I made these two-ingredient bagels and added some Everything But the Bagel seasoning and while New York is not calling to get their bagels back, they are a healthier vessel for my egg sandwich.  Those silpats are awesome, by the way, like reusable parchment paper and I see you can a great buy on these similar ones!

I got this cute retro microwave for my office, after a year of heating up my soup in the upstairs kitchen area, only to burn my hands/spill some soup on the way back down to my office.  She has a matching refrigerator that I am eyeing next time I am gifted an amazon gift card.

I was able to finally get a lobster roll on the last day of August and it was delicious!  But then again, pour melted butter over almost anything and I'll eat it.

We made falafels using Trader Joe's falafel mix and they were flavorful but a bit dry.  Maybe I should have fried them instead of baking them?

And that's a *falafel* wrap!  Heading into the long weekend like:


  1. Looks like good food and a good first week of school!!

    1. Yes to both, ready for a long weekend!

  2. Look at JP and his girl friend! They look so happy! 😊 Have a wonderful weekend. More opportunities for delicious food.

  3. Lots of good food. You made me giggle with Pour Butter On anything and I'll eat it! My cholesterol went up just looking. Declan is a special soul who likes hot dogs; don't kick him off the island!

    The microwave is too cute and you need the matching fridge.

  4. Oh, I love the taco meat with cheese in the bread loaf thing. Great idea. I am spending the day backing and freezing food for our upcoming tailgaters. I also want to try that meatball and fake pasta thing in the crock pot. I did laugh out loud and you eating anything with butter on it. My busy daycare days are making me anxious to serve anything from a crock pot and hope they'll eat it. The kids look great and ready for a great school year.


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