Friday, December 2, 2022

Week in Review: Advent Already + 15 Years Old + Work Festivities + Google Photos Hates Me

Happy Advent, can you even believe it??  Just a friendly reminder that St. Andrew's Christmas Novena started on Nov. 30 (his feast day) and you are supposed to pray this prayer 15 times a day until Christmas for any special intention you have.  The Halo app will play it for you fifteen times while you're driving, if you're a busy bee.  We are praying for Phil's blood clots to be healed since he got them six months ago but they are still there and causing issues, poor guy.

Some people, like my children, get a chocolate countdown calendar starting on December 1, and some people (me) arrive at work on Dec. 1 to find 24 scratch tickets in their purse from their indulging husband.  Hope I get lucky!

Speaking of December 1, Maggie turned FIFTEEN!!!  Sadly, the flu is going around our house and she's been hit for the past few days so it was a lowkey celebration with pizza, a chocolate sheet cake, and ice cream.  We got our athletic girly some new basketball shoes (she made JV!), volleyball shorts (she was pulled up to U16 in the winter league!), flare leggings (how are these in style again?) and a long sweatshirt.  She also received very nice gifts from her godfather and grandparents and had a lovely day despite being sick.

She hates this picture but is allowing me to post it :)

The Martin Christmas elf has been busy ordering gifts...

...and then shoving them in a corner of her bedroom.  
Gotta start wrapping soon before curious eyes find these.

Did you hear that Prince William and Princess Kate are visiting my lovely state?  I must say that I loved this clip from the Celtics head coach:


Eamon had to prepare a meal and figure out the macros for his health class.  He made chicken sausage, roasted parmesan potato wedges and roasted broccoli.  I think each kid should be assigned this once a week.  Do you hear me teachers?!?! 

Brendan just keeps himself happily creating.  This time with gears and a chocolate ice cream mustache/beard:

I think google photos exists just to make us sad.  I get "memories" sent each morning with either pictures of me young and skinny or photos of my kids when they were so small and squishy.  Why do you hate me google??

Ten years ago

Xander was the shmushiest baby, just so chubby.

My work celebrates the 12 days of Christmas, completely theologically incorrectly (I work in a public school district now) as we start on Dec. 1 and end on Dec. 16, but it's fun!  We had a crazy hat day yesterday, and a scratch ticket swap today.  18 of the females and 2 of the guys are participating which makes sense :)

I realized late on Wednesday night that the hat I had ordered didn't come in yet, so Phil ran out to Walmart to buy me something else (I was in pjs and in bed already and he's a saint).  He sent me photos of different options, but of course I needed to see it on an actual noggin, and I just cracked up when he sent me this.  Doesn't he look so happy?

This weekend, we have a volleyball banquet, Xander's first middle school dance, Lessons + Carols at our friend's parish, Religious Ed, a basketball practice and a volleyball practice.  We also need to work on Xander's Christmas Around the World project and Declan's Mystery Book Windsock (I don't even know??)  Hoping we are all back to good health quickly and I hope you all are staying well!


  1. That picture of Phil is priceless. Won't you laugh hysterically when Google sends you THAT photo some day?!

  2. Your husband loves you--what wonderful things he does for you! Thank God for such a good spouse!

  3. That last photo of Phil is hilarious! Your work celebration sounds really fun. Hope your daughter is feeling better and that the flu spares the rest of you.

    1. It's like we have our own party planning committee from the Office - it's great!

  4. Phil!! I love it, was that the winner based just on his face?! Happy birthday Maggie! I hope you're feeling better and enjoyed your day anyhow. Also... Xander as a little little guy?! So many feelings!

  5. Oooh I hope the scratch tickets PAY OFF!!! Happy birthday to your girl!

  6. I watched a minimal mom where she talked with a psychologist about decluttering digital photos. It was fascinating and im not sure im all on board but the idea was that we take way more pictures than at any other time in history, that pictures are a fairly recent thing, and that our brains are not equipped to handle frequent visual trips to the past. That we are meant to live more in the present. The speaker said that when he cut down on having his kids' baby pictures all over or on a screen saver he felt more able to love them and be present to them in their current adolescent stage of life

  7. OMG, Phil's face! He is a saint. Happy belated birthday to your amazing Maggie! So sorry the flu bug has hit your home, hopefully it's gone now.
    Let us know when you win the lottery!


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