Monday, January 9, 2023

Tossin' and Turnin'

I haven't had my coffee yet, and I'm feeling mouthy so here's some random thoughts that took place in my brain space between when I laid down for bed last night and this morning (those that I can remember anyway.)  It "helps" that I was awake from my usual 1:30 - 3:30 am.  Need to figure out how to get that to stop.


Some words only have negative meanings but no positive opposite meaning.  For example, I can act nonchalant or look dishevelled.  But can I be chalant or hevelled?  No, no I can not and that bothers me.


Why do we have to work five days a week and have off two days?  Why can't the split be a little more lenient towards living life and not wasting it away at work?  Or maybe you have a really fulfilling job and you don't feel this way at all?


Not to mention any names, but geesh, girls be moody.


My littlest guy is just the best baby of the family.  Like he really takes his role seriously and is nailing it by being extra cute and funny and cuddly and is so easy to get along with everyone.


If I were to get another dog (Phil will veto this) what would I name it?  Would I use the list of kid names we never were able to use?  Would I call my dog Rowan or Laney or Gia?


I dreamed that we opened an ice cream store, and we wanted to name it after my family's ice cream store that we had growing up (Maggie's) but then I thought we should differentiate a bit and call it Maggie's in the Middle (after our own Maggie sandwiched between six brothers), but then that didn't sound like an ice cream store name.  Or does it?


I woke up and my Cape Cod bracelet was unscrewed on my wrist.  How does that happen? 


I need to look into some sort of martial art class for two of our boys.  One needs the confidence boost and the other needs the discipline boost.


I woke up thinking about my friend's family member who is in the hospital, and I prayed for her.  My mom taught me that if you wake up thinking about someone or dream about someone, even if it seems totally random, that's your sign to pray for them.


Maggie, a freshman, is being pulled up to play Varsity basketball in today's game.  Apparently the Varsity coach wants her to be more involved with that team because she thinks Maggie will be one of her best players in the future.  Maggie literally almost quit the JV team ten times at the beginning of the season and tells us regularly not to come watch her games because she's "so bad".  It's very hard to know when to encourage a kid to persevere and when to let go.  Also, see #3.

So what's on your mind in the middle of the night?


  1. I love that idea to pray for someone when you wake up thinking about them. I had a dream about a friend last night, so I will be sure to pray for her.

    Let's see. Things keeping me up at night are worries for a friend who is going through an incredibly tough family situation, and worries for a friend who just embarked on a very long trip. I am also thinking about some work projects that I need to complete, but those should be done this week so hopefully I can stop thinking about them!

    1. You are a very good friend who loses sleep over worrying about your friends! It's hard to be so empathetic sometimes.

  2. The other morning my husband told me I looked disheveled. I'd been awake less than 5 minutes. I told him he was wrong because I was "sheveled" and that was perfectly fine. My point is that I believe that there is an opposite word for disheveled-- and I recently used it.

    1. Funny, I couldn't decide if the opposite word was shevelled or hevelled and now hevelled sounds silly :)

  3. #1 reminded me of a Catherine Newman post, in which she wondered if it was possible to just be whelmed. Like not over or under. Just whelmed.

  4. Well this is timely, because I was up from 3ish to about 5:30ish, or 6? Hate that. My sleep issues correspond directly with something I ate. Last night I thought about WHAT DID I EAT? And HOW WOULD I FUNCTION TODAY IF I DIDN'T GET MORE SLEEP? I thought/worried a good deal about Tank's upcoming abroad study. He leaves for Limerick on Friday. He is not quite as responsible as Ed - Ed being VERY responsible, so I have some fears. I kept telling myself to TRUST.

    That's exciting about Maggie's b-ball situation, but it is also puzzling. Maybe she has good aspects to her game - like defense and she doesn't recognize how impactful it is? I feel like sometimes my kids don't realize how well they played if they don't make a lot of baskets. Curly is starting on the varsity team and the team really doesn't have a lot of consistent talent, so it can be very frustrating. Plus, a coach who coaches varsity doesn't always adjust his words and shouting for a freshman. I intend to write a post on coaching. I have many thoughts and various experiences - another topic that runs through my mind at night. Why sit a kid who starts off the game scoring the first 7 points, because he has one turnover? What does that do to his confidence? (switching gears to Reg now). Sigh.

    I love the ice cream shop idea. You have some experience there. I love the ice cream shop name - but what about a twist: Maggie and the seven scoops? I love that family photo. So cute.

    1. Yes I think you are right about bball. She is a great defensive player, and not afraid to shoot but misses a lot. I think she's just very coach-able and has potential with her height and hustle and toughness.

  5. Hormones + Teen Girl = You never know what you are going to get! :) I do a lot of praying in the middle of the night when I wake up and can't go back to sleep. Sadly, my mind never ponders anything interesting but makes every tiny problem feel like a mountain that can never be climbed. I have started praying the Memorare when I'm really struggling to go back to sleep. It helps!

  6. Girls are moody; we can't help it with all the hormones zig zagging in and around us.
    I generally am awake the same hours as you. It's frustrating.
    A dog named Rowan sounds lovely. One day. ;)

    1. It's the hormones fault, obvi. Otherwise we would be perfectly perfect.


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