Monday, May 22, 2023

Andrew's Prom

How did the last four years go by so fast, even during a worldwide pandemic?  Our second baby, Andrew, is already wrapping up his high school career.  I will have much more to say and many more photos once we get through this week, but for now...Prom!  

Our graduation gift for our boys is a suit.  They wear it to the prom and then have it for any big events long as they can stay the same size...which can be a challenge going from an athletic high schooler to a more sedentary college student...but Andrew says that's not going to happen to him.

Phil sent me this on the day of the prom, and man is it true!

Fashion is fickle!

Andrew asked his girlfriend, Darian, to attend the prom with him.  They have been friends all year and just started dating a few weeks ago.  She plays high school volleyball with Maggie and works at The Ice Cream Cottage for us as well.  She's also sweet and funny and drop dead gorgeous.

Darian lives in the next town over, where they happen to have a beautiful lighthouse that makes a nice backdrop for photos.

After the photoshoot, we went to the high school for the promenade, where students walk out on stage and everybody can judge see the dresses and dates.  Andrew and Darian came out on stage and did a handshake thingie majig and then he spun her around and they walked off.  It was pretty darn cute.

Andrew and his soccer coach for all of high school.  They will miss each other for sure.

Phil and I were able to sneak away from the shop with the littles while the other bigs held down the fort.

Their chaplain and one of our besties, Father Dave, posed for a photo:

And Gammy and Grandpa were there too!

Andrew's review of the prom, held at the Newport Beach Club:
The food wasn't great.  I didn't dance that much.  The bartender was on Big Brother, which was cool.  We talked to him for like an hour.  The After Prom (a huge all night event held back at their high school) was super fun and the food was really, really good.  I won a TV and a sherpa blanket and an LED white board to bring to college.  I'm exhausted, but it was fun.

P.S. All senior parents are asked to make a sign for each kid, which is hung up on the Senior Wall and Andrew was very appreciative of the collage I created.  I definitely shed a few tears doing these kind of projects for the kiddos.


  1. They sure look spiffy! I am glad he had a good enough time at prom and a fun time at the after prom!

  2. First of all - that meme had me rolling! So true! Second of all - Andrew and his girlfriend make a beautiful/handsome couple and the lighthouse is the perfect backdrop for prom photos!

    I love the idea of the promenade so family and friends can see all the outfits! And an all night after party at the school is another great idea!

  3. Andrew is so handsome! I'd push down a toddler to have his thick, curly hair. :) They are a lovely couple...her dress: GORGEOUS.
    You are so right, fashion is fickle. LOL at Pee Wee Herman. I love Andrew's recap of the prom. 😳😜

  4. Great photos. Her dress is so pretty. They are a good looking couples. Love that they were friends for so long and just started dating. I died laughing at the Pee Wee thing. Hilarious. Mini had a similar take on prom - not great food, everything was fine. But our kids go out on a boat on Lake Michigan after prom where they are more or less held hostage, all to keep everyone safe, but she said she was SO tired she didn't enjoy that part of it. Glad his prom wrapped up at the high school. That part sounds like it was the highlight.


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