Friday, May 26, 2023

Week in Review: Stress Eating, Cone Making and Awards Receiving

What a week.  So very May.  

Maggie came into my bedroom midweek and said "Mom?  What are you doing?  You're just sitting on your bed staring at the wall eating chips and dip." 

Yes, Maggie, it's called stress eating.

 Between the physical busyness of this week and all of the emotional busyness that goes along with these big events, I am barely hanging onto more than my bag of chips.  But let's review, shall we?

Last Friday was Andrew's prom and then a weekend spent working at the shop.  We are training new employees but as of right now we are running with a skeleton crew consisting of family members plus one girlfriend.  It's a good problem to have, but we are busier than we thought we would be in May and opened in such a hurry that we couldn't hire and train enough people fast enough.  But being busy and having happy customers are exactly what we want!  We got over 1000 followers on Facebook in 2 weeks, and I'm very active over there, which is why it's been a bit quiet here.

Andrew (age 18) had Senior Awards Night on Tuesday.  He won a Theology Award (making his Theology-teaching dad proud) and an English award.  He was also recognized for his role of Senior Class Treasurer (making his accounting mom proud).

Alexander (age 11) was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on Wednesday night.

After the ceremony, we went to The Ice Cream Cottage to get ice cream and they were running out of waffle cones, so I stayed and made a big batch.  Waffle cone scent is my perfume now.

Declan had his first real field trip after the pandemic years cancelled everything.  His class went to Plymouth Plantation and he said it was really fun.  My friend was his chaperone and sent me pictures :)

Alexander (the Good) had his History Fair on Thursday about Alexander (the Great) which was another weekend project last weekend.  I didn't attend but I stole this photo from the school's social media...he's in the gold crown, talking to one of the high school student judges:

I hope Alex the Great wore sneakers.  At least they are Under Armour ;)  Behind him is a bust that Phil borrowed from the Latin teacher at the high school.  Xander thinks it is actually of Caesar but played it off as Alex the Great.

Thursday night was Andrew's Baccalaureate Mass, which was very nice.  Andrew and Phil brought up the gifts together which was sweet to see.

Today is Brendan's (age 6) big Book Share, where the first grade class writes and illustrates a book all year and then reads the finished product to the parents.  They have to keep the details secret all year and it builds up into a very fun surprise.  I'm so excited for it!  We are also bringing ice cream and toppings to Declan's 3rd grade class as a surprise, which will make Declan (age 9) so happy!

Then tonight is Andrew's high school graduation.  Wow.

After taking photos last week, I compared JP's graduation announcement photo to Andrew's:

They look nothing alike, but they are sitting so similarly!  And now I think I need to continue taking the graduation photo at this lighthouse five more times.

And that my friends, was our week in review.  I'll report back with photos from today's festivities and our Memorial Day weekend sometime next week *she types hopefully*.  

I hope you all have a wonderful 3 Day Weekend, all weekends should be, right?  God bless those who gave their lives so we could live ours.


  1. You have so much going on, and I am so proud of you for doing it!! I can so appreciate the stress eating and feeling of the emotions while still doing the dang thing. Congratulations Martins on getting another son through high school, it truly is an accomplishment!

  2. I used to wonder why my mom would staring off at nothing at times. Now that I'm the mom, I know!
    It sounds like you're having a busy but awesome time. I have a hs senior graduating, but she's a little disgruntled and just wants to be done. (Some girls just bring the drama!)
    I hope your shop continues to thrive!

  3. Well, it looks like you've unknowingly started a high school grad photo tradition!! How cool!!! I hope you are able to quickly hire and train new staff members. I also hope you are able to relax and rest a little this weekend. Although in reality you probably won't be able to do that until after Labor Day!

  4. Wow. You are BUSY. When do you sleep? Everyone looks good and I'm excited for the many followers to your FB page. Our 3 day weekend has been equal parts stress and relax mode. Big things happened and Tank Arrived Home - so we are busting at the seams, if you know what I mean.

  5. Girl, I don't know how you do it, but you are doing it WELL! I could almost smell those cones through my screen; they look amazing.
    I love the compared graduation photos in front of the lighthouse! So cool. Take it easy...we will be here when you have a minute. XO


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