Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Being a Mom is My Favorite Hat

This Mother's Day was unlike any other as it was also the opening weekend of our new shop, The Ice Cream Cottage.  There was no breakfast in bed, there was no lazing around eating bonbons, there was no dinner at a restaurant by the water.  But there were homemade cards and lots of hugs and hardworking big kids and littles who visited me at the shop, and I'm just the luckiest.  

Of all the hats I wear, being a mom is by far my favorite and my lifelong dream come true.  You can bet I cried the biggest tears of joy when I read Declan's poem ("All of my friends just wrote stuff but I made mine rhyme because I know you love rhyming poems").  So without further ado, here is my sweet tender-hearted nine year old Declan's Ode to Mom:

Your smile is as bright as the sun,

When you play with me I have a lot of fun.

You are like an angel floating in the sky,

When you are with me time really does pass by.

You help everybody in the best way,

This happens every day.

I love how you like lemon cake,

I love how you love to bake.

You are so smart and funny,

That it tickles my tummy.

You are beautiful 100 percent,

There is no way you can pretend.

I love how when we are hungry you give us food,

And when you help us when we are in a bad mood.

I love you so much,

That you always give us a great touch.

Your smile is so bright,

That I am happy day and night.

You have a great smile,

That makes me very mild.

You are so kind,

That I can't make up my mind.

I love how you help me when I am sick,

Or help me take off a tick.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day,

You are a great mother in every way.

P.S. Declan told me that he was talking with his friends on Monday, discussing how the moms liked their poems.  The consensus was that almost all of the moms cried because they loved them so much. One mom didn't cry but she still liked it. One mom laughed because her child wrote that she was sweat instead of sweet, but otherwise they were a big hit :)


  1. Oh this was SO sweet! What a loving child and a beautiful poem!

    Can't wait to hear how the opening went!

    1. I hope I can write about it soon!

  2. That poem is a treasure! And what an adorable picture of you!

    1. My sister took it as they were giving me their ice cream orders :)

  3. How adorable that he made it rhyme because he knows you like that. And also, I believe he inherited your excellent rhyming skills!! Happy Mother's Day and I hope opening weekend at the Ice Cream Cottage went smoothly!

    1. We're basically at the same level of rhyming heehee!

  4. Declan's poem is so very sweet and thorough. I love it. I'm not at all surprised that you wept. The kid who said his mom was sweat instead of sweet has provided a great family tale for years to come. I love hand made cards. Ed usually writes me a poem, but I told him not to worry since he was frantically studying for the CPA. I will take a raincheck. The t-shirts are really cute.

    1. Good luck to Ed with the CPA, one of my biggest regrets in life is that I just didn't take it right after graduation. Smart kid!

  5. What a sweet boy he is...but of course, he came from the Sweetest mama ever! That is a keeper, Colleen, the poem and Declan. 😜 "Or help me take off a tick." There are no ends to your love.

    1. That line made me laugh out loud..so many ticks and teeth I've pulled off them!

  6. So cute - and I also chuckled at the "sweat" vs. sweet!

    1. Kids are so cute and funny, thank God for them!


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