Friday, June 9, 2023

Week in Review: Awards and Cuddles and Car Troubles

One more full week of school to go for my kiddos!

I guess that's not exactly true because JP has already finished his junior year at Franciscan University and Andrew just graduated from high school, and I got the professional photo to prove it:

Worth the $19.99 fee

But Maggie is wrapping up 9th grade, stressing about finals yet still managing to go to bed at 8:30 because apples don't fall far from the tired tree.

Awards Night

Eamon is finishing 10th grade and even though he has straight A's and earned an academic award in every single class he takes...he is still not in the Top Ten of his class.  It's like who do you have to pay to get on that list?  Just kidding, it is a goal for him but he's part of a very smart class, and we remind him that he doesn't want to peak in high school.  How sad would that be?  Leave some goals for college.

Did I ever tell you that I was Top Ten in high school?  Number 7 to be exact.  Not that hard to do in a class of 58 or so ;)  Overachievers gotta overachieve, but we really do emphasize to our kids that their job in life is to use their god-given talents to their best ability and everybody's talents are different.

Brendan's talent is figuring out how to cuddle with me with as much bodily surface area touching as possible, as can be seen when we watched a movie in my bed last Friday night.  Declan was there too, on the other side and acting much more appropriate :)  Warning to Brendan's future wife - you better like physical touch!

Alexander, Declan and Brendan are looking forward to field day and poetry cafes and summer birthday celebrations and class parties and all of those fun end of the year events that happen when teachers are just too tired to care anymore.  It's similar to how we have pizza and movie nights on Fridays because we need a break.  The kids think it's because we are fun parents though, and we'll take it :)

In Cottage news, we have gift cards!

We also are training lots of new employees, and when I say we I mean Phil, because I'm mostly just working from home for the shop, and going in on weekends to make waffle cones and scoop when it's busy.  Phil is working at the shop almost every night and weekend, and JP and Andrew are doing amazing keeping it running during the day, with the help of one of my sisters who offered to work for us until school gets out.  We created a blue frappe last weekend to celebrate the town's highschool graduation (they are the Blue Devils).

Let's see, what else happened this week?  Phil's car got new brakes.  My car got new brakes and an inspection sticker.  It's been a weird weather week - cool and rainy and hazy from the smoke coming from Canada - with more rain in the forecast.  But really things are pretty calm over here, and for that I am grateful.

Have a wonderful June weekend everyone!


  1. Such an exciting time of year! I really like how you frame your goals for your kids in terms of their God-given talents. We talk a lot to our kids about being kind and working hard/doing your best being more important than the actual grades you get, but I think your approach is very wise, especially as they get older and their gifts become more apparent.

    Brendan certainly does have some good cuddling skills there! You can almost feel the oxytocin just looking at that photo. You're a good mama :)

    1. My dad always instilled in us that our talent was borrowed from God and not something to be prideful about but also not something to waste. Just borrowed :) Oy Brendan would still crawl back into the womb if he could!!

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2023

    Oh eamon is such a sweetheart!!😍😍

  3. I like your approach on talent and how it is best not to peak in high school, etc. Very wise. Eamon's class must be VERY bright. Wow. Brendan is such a sweet little guy. Aw. How great that he wants to be so close with you. I'm envious of anyone who can make an early bedtime work. I like an early bedtime, but it doesn't happen for me often. Cute gift cards, and cute employees. Is being cute a requirement to work at the shop? ;)

    1. Being cute is not a requirement but it helps with tips ;)

  4. Wow. So many good things happening in the Martin Family! Congrats on having ALL Smart kids and I especially love the touchy/feeling Brenden; so sweet. You guys are legit. YOU HAVE GIFT CARDS!


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