Friday, June 2, 2023

Week in Review: A Presentation, An Induction and A Recommendation

This week was definitely less busy than last and for that we are grateful.  

Declan (age 9) had a big project due today on Paul Revere.  He had to write a paper, create a bottle guy (I don't know what they call it, but it's made from a soda bottle) and dress up to present to his class.

The British are coming!  The British are coming!

Did you know that Paul Revere was one of nine children (two named Thomas) and had 8 kids with his first wife and then 8 kids with his second wife?  Now you do!

Eamon (age 16) was inducted into the National Honor Society and was asked to carry the cross to lead the students, a nice ask of this committed altar server.

Eamon and his cousin, a leader in NHS

Eamon and The Girl :)

I've been trying to get my stress eating under control this week and I do feel better with less chips in my system, but boy it would be so nice to be one of those people who "are too stressed out to eat" or "so busy they forget to eat".  Not me or Pooh bear.  Food is just so yummy!

I saw this on a friend's FB post and thought, hmmmmm I know *someone* like that.

*It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me.*

Our good friend, Sean, came back into town and brought his girlfriend to visit The Cottage.  I love how this shop is reconnecting old friends!  People are so kind and supportive :)

My Honda Odyssey hit the 100,000 mile mark, and now I want to trade her in.  I just don't feel safe driving a car with that many miles, which I know is not the only indicator of a car being safe or not, but it does give me a little anxiety to see the number that high.  I know you all are going to tell me stories of your high-mileage cars and how proud you were of how high they got before they died, but um yeah, not my thang.

Also apparently not my thang is cleaning my car regularly.

Last but not least - do any of you have swimsuit recommendations for a beautiful teen girl who wants to be fashionable but not immodest?  She wants a two-piece that doesn't reveal too much but also isn't a "mom swimsuit".  She bought but returned this one for reasons I can't remember, but this is her style.  Thanks in advance!


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2023

    We had luck her for teen suits.

  2. I like the old navy 1 piece and separates. Several of their tank tops cover a lot. They even have Capri length bottoms for modesty. I'll be getting my youngest daughter the swim short type bottoms. So many suits have bottoms are so skimpy.
    I keep forgetting that in the northeast school goes into June! At least your senior got out earlier!
    Good luck as your school year ends and the ice cream season continues!

  3. My brother (who is a priest) uses a van that has over 300,000 miles on it - I might have been a little anxious when I drove it.

  4. For modest swimwear I'd look at Downeast, Lime Ricki and Albion Fit.

  5. Hi, I'm a longtime reader, but have never commented. I always enjoy reading your blog. Congratulations to Eamon. I was an altar server for many years too (not Catholic). I laughed so hard at that Pooh pic, because that's exactly what I do As for the swimsuit. I bought a Zeroxposur tankini set at Sams a few years ago. You can find their items at JCP & Kohls too and she can mix & match the tops & bottoms. I hope this helps.

  6. My daughter found a tankini on Swim outlet and she's happy with it

  7. I feel you on the car. My Honda Pilot has over 200,000 miles on it. I prayer a lot every time I'm behind the wheel! :) Our plan is to drive it as long as we can so I guess I'm just going to keep on praying.

  8. Wow, Declan and his bottle guy look great! One of my childhood friends was born on April 18 and in elementary school, we all thought it was SO COOL that her birthday fell on the same day as the midnight ride of Paul Revere :)

    I am right there with you in that stress does *not* make me lose weight. Sometimes I can manage to substitute healthier snacks (like apple slices with cheddar cheese, or blueberries with cottage cheese) and other times, it's the bag of chips and dip and nothing else will do!

    No swimsuit recommendations to share, alas, but that suit is very cute and I will tuck it away for future reference for my girls! They're still wearing one pieces or T-shirt style rash guards with bottoms.


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