Friday, September 22, 2023

Week in Review: Brace Face, Not a Race, and College Grace

Last Friday, instead of going for a walk during my lunch break, I went and got a pedicure.  It included a ten minute massage and boy oh boy did it feel wonderful!  I texted Phil this picture and he was happy to learn that he was off the hook for rubbing my feet that night.  Yes I know that I am a lucky wifey.

We started being able to wear jeans on Fridays, along with a $2.50 donation to a charity, and these little things are soooo exciting.  I wake up extra happy every Friday knowing I get to wear jeans to work.  I'd rather wear jeans and stay home, but I haven't figured out how to identify as a retired lady yet ;)

Andrew texted us from college asking us to send him his Rugged Rosary that he forgot to pack, and yet another reason to love Franciscan!  Just picturing a bunch of college guys kneeling and praying the rosary together makes me so happy.

Phil's parents and his sister, Sister Denise, came to visit this past weekend, and I only have this photo of the boys playing with the new game Nana and Gramps bought for Brendan's birthday gift.  It's called Rubik's Race and they have been playing it nonstop!  They took the kids to the Whaling Museum while Phil and I worked at the ice cream shop for part of the day, and we had a nice time spent visiting with them.

Our Caramel Apple Parfait was a delicious hit!

Phil and I are loosely following a Half Marathon training plan.  We are not planning on running in an *actual* Half Marathon race because races are too stressful for me and I realized that I could still train for and run 13.1 miles without being part of a race.  Duh!  Declan ran part of my long run with me on Sunday like the champ he is.

After being totally embarrassed by how dirty my van was when Nana and Gramps and Sr. Denise had to ride in it to the Whaling Museum...I bribed the kids to help me clean it on Sunday afternoon.  Grandpa helped with the outside :)

Their payment:

The biggest news of the week was that Alexander got braces!!  

The orthodontist has been waiting for all of his baby teeth to fall out and adult teeth to grow in, and now that he is 12 he was finally ready for braces.  You would have thought he was getting a new car with how excited he was.  He counted down for months and told everyone about and debated the color he would pick for the bands, and what he wanted his nickname to be (Brace Face or Metal Mouth or Cheese Grater) and overall just could.not.wait.

 And then on the way home he said "Ugh.  I can't wait to get these off."

We are still deep in the volleyball and soccer seasons, and Alexander started on the swim team this week too.  So now we have Volleyball 6 days a week for Maggie, Soccer 6 days a week for Eamon, Swimming 3 days a week for Xander, Soccer 2 days a week for both Declan and Brendan (different days and different leagues of course).  Somebody send a chauffeur please.

Maggie for the kill

I made Chicken Parm Sliders and Sloppy Joes for dinner one night, trying to use up some things in the fridge and they were not a big hit.  You win some, you lose some.

Next time I have things to use in the fridge, I am stealing this idea:

Have a wonderful First Day of Fall kind of weekend everyone!


  1. What half marathon training program are you using? I've used both Hal Higdon's 3 day plan and an old Another Mother Runner plan that has a free pdf floating around the internet. I like both of them but always looking for other options! I always feel like having a race actually on the calendar helps keep me motivated to stick with the program, but I guess you have built-in accountability with your hubby!! That's so awesome.

    Your clean-out-the-fridge dinner looks absolutely delicious. I'm sorry your family didn't think so... but the same thing would happen at my house, I'm sure. (Doesn't it always seem that way?! When I make breakfast for dinner or hot dogs, for example, I feel like I'm phoning it in, but the kids rejoice.)

    Maggie's volleyball pics are incredible! 6 days a week is such a time commitment but obviously her hard work is paying off!

    1. I'm a Hal Hidgon fan, used it for every half marathon I've run. This time around I'm following his Intermediate 1 plan. We do have the 13.1 run on the calendar for Thanksgiving weekend. :)
      After everybody complained about dinner, I told Phil that I was making mac n cheese the next night because like why even tryyyyyy? And I did and they loved it, of course. All Varsity sports have 6 day a week commitments and it's always such a big jump between middle school sports to that level, it's crazy but they thrive when being active...wonder where they get that from? Heehee.

  2. You're taking a foot rub every night made me laugh. That is one thing my husband will do if I ask him but he really does not care to do it might almost be worth the money of a pedicure to pay somebody to do it. I once had a foot massage from a lady who just did a wonderful job and put me right to sleep and then I found out it was a type of massage that has some sort of weird Eastern mysticism to it I was shocked weirded out and more than a little sad

    1. Oh that is weird! I remember when I was pregnant there was supposed to be some spot on your foot that could induce labor early, and I always wanted to go to someone who knew how to do that!

  3. Hello there! We have that Rubik's Race, and love it too! Flynn is amazing at it. I am super bad. Like really. Have a great weekend!

    1. I had never heard of it before, but they are very into it!

  4. I would eat both of those meals! Hopefully Alexander gets used to the braces quickly!

  5. Best of luck on your running program!
    A pedicure, new braces, a clean van, family visits and ice cream. Things are good in your world!


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