Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Eamon: From a Difficult Bambino to the Easiest Seventeen Year Old

Our little meatball turns SEVENTEEN today.  

Eamon was one of the hardest babies, having colic and a mother who became pregnant/sick/exhausted when he was only five months old.  His whole babyhood is a crying blur to be honest, with lots of puke, from both of us.  Have you ever been in public and heard a baby cry and thought "Thank God that isn't my kid!  That cry is piercing my soul!" except it IS your kid and he does it almost nonstop until his first birthday.    


Phil has a theory that hard babies make easy kids, and Eamon really did turn into the bestest little guy anyone could ask for.  

Eamon has always been so funny, so easy to smile and laugh, always has a little twinkle in his eye, is constantly up to something, very witty and charming and so much fun to be around.  He has the winning combination of natural intelligence and a strong work ethic that result in amazing grades.  He gets along with all of his siblings and is the life of the Martin Family party.

He's the young boy unafraid to stand up in a crowded auditorium to say he wanted to become a priest, or read/serve at Mass, or participate in any kind of challenge, or give a talk at a huge conference, or dress up as the pope in Kindergarten to hand out blessings:

His holy and humble confidence is inspiring.

Those eyes :)

Joy personified

Commanders game with Dad to start 2023 off right

"Mom, look at the world's tiniest ice cream cone"

Serving at a priest's First Mass

Eamon has finally been able to play Varsity soccer this season, after having to miss games because of his broken wrist.  
Yesterday, his team won 2-0 and Eamon scored both goals!  Not bad on your last day of being sixteen.

Maggie sent me a recording of the announcements at school this morning, where Eamon was mentioned twice because of the goals and because it's his birthday.  I'm so glad my middle child is getting some recognition :)

We can't celebrate his birthday meal until Thursday due to the busy sports schedules, but he wants chicken parmesan and apple crisp.  For his birthday gifts, he received this book, a Commanders shirt, a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings and a TICKET TO SEE THE COMMANDERS v. PATRIOTS game!

Seventeen sure looks good on you Eamon Philip, and we couldn't love you more!  You were made for greatness, and we are honored to be along for the ride.  Happy birthday!


  1. What a cute baby. He sounds like our Reg. Very fussy baby and now pretty easy going. That photo of him praying with the white cross on his shirt . . . he looks like he is up to something. Big time. I cracked up at his Pope duty. What a riot. His soccer stat is impressive - BOTH goals? If he doesn't become a priest, maybe we can arrange for him to meet a certain curly-haired girl from the Midwest area. ;) Happiest birthday to Eamon.

    1. I love your betrothal plans but fear Eamon might be too short to marry into your family ;)

    2. Hilarious. ;) Curly is not 6 feet like her sister.

  2. Happy birthday to Eamon! Don't tell him I'll be rooting for the Patriots when he cashes in his birthday gift. :)

    1. Same :) He's a true fan of both teams so he can't lose!

  3. Happy Birthday to Eamon! What a nice young man you have there. Colleen, you are really good at describing your children’s personalities and virtues—a reader starts to feel like she actually knows them.
    😊 You are truly blessed.

    1. Oh thank you Laura, he is an especially easy one to love :)

  4. Be still my heart! The little Popemobile!! I just love it. Happy birthday, Eamon!

    1. He was a very big deal that day - ha!


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