Thursday, December 21, 2023

Week in Review: Oh Buoy, A Nativity Concert and Soccer Banquet and See You Next Year!

How about a beautiful Christmas tree to start this week's post? 

Isn't this buoy tree so adorable?  It's about a half mile from my work, so I can stroll over there on my lunch break.  Each buoy is decorated by somebody, and then auctioned off for charity after the season is over.  They have so many that they line the pier and docks as well!

JP and Andrew arrived home safely last Saturday, and Andrew's been spending a lot of time with his girlfriend (who sends me photos because she's awesome):

While JP got started working with Door Dash to make some quick cash for the spring semester because he's broke and needs some new clothes.

Eamon and Maggie's basketball photos came in this week:

I love my ballers so much!  We get to watch their teams play IRL at home games, or on our phones when they are at away games:

We got our Christmas gifts delivered:

Haha, just kidding!  Those are actually paper cups for The Cottage.  They were having a good sale and we go through A LOT of cups!  Thankfully we are not buying the kids any gifts (besides stockings) this year because we are going on vacation instead.

I feel seen.

I asked Phil to buy me this Everlywell test for my stocking - because sometimes you have to be very specific and not care about being surprised, or you might end up with... another robe:


When Declan walks the dog with me, we have to go by his favorite house - The Peanuts gang!

The middle schoolers went to sort donations at a local charity, and Xander got placed sorting books which is right up his alley.  Well, the books are his thing, but any type of sorting/organizing/cleaning is not.  I'm glad he got some practice time!

My mom and dad had to attend a funeral of one of my mom's besties, and took this photo in the church they were married in 57 years ago:

Still got it!

Eamon had his soccer banquet on the same night as the elementary school's Nativity Concert, so Phil went with Eamon and had dinner and had adult conversations and I was stuck in the back of a crowded, hot gym trying to catch a glimpse of my child without catching Covid right before Christmas.  It's fine, I mean, how could I miss out on these wee faces?

I forced politely invited Andrew and Darian to come with me and they did like the good sports they are:

Photo with Principal Haley :)

Xander sang with middle school and Declan was a Wiseman and Brendan "just sang with my class but some of them were actually yelling, not singing":

The tattler of 2nd grade

When the Three Wisemen came out on stage, the chorus sang Star of Wonder and they were supposed to be "wondering" about the star, so the boys just looked really confused or deep in thought for the entirety of the song, which was very funny and cute.

We're not confused, just full of wonder!

Their nativity play reminds me of the cutest video I saw this season:


Classic :)

And when Phil came home with Eamon, Eamon was excited to tell me that he got selected as a Captain for next year!  I'm so happy for him, he is such a great guy and full of positivity and a hard worker.

Eamon with his old coach turned Athletic Director

Soccer Captains 2024

I saw this idea for a game that I so want our family to play at some point over Christmas break.  You have cup "hooves" on your hands like reindeer and you have to get as many marshmallows onto your plate as you can.  Hysterical!

Tomorrow I do not have any work but I have to get a crown replaced (again), the dog groomed, my eyebrows threaded and then clean the house and pack the car before we head out this weekend.  Lots of photos and tales to share when we return.  Please keep us in your prayers as you will be kept in ours!  

Merry Christmas!! 

See ya next year!


  1. That first pic of Andrew is the first time I ever thought he looked like John Paul!

    So much going on - love the bball pics and the Christmas activities! That adorable nativity play video (and well done to the mom who was so excited and encouraging) reminds me of the scene in Love Actually where the young daughter tells Emma Thompson she's one of the lobsters in the nativity play. And Emma Thompson says "there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?" and it makes me laugh-out-loud (for real!) every time.

    Have a lovely Christmas and vacation, Martin fam!

    1. I think it's the closed mouth smile? And yes, that scene is so funny! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Safe travels. Good luck getting your stuff done today. I love Brendan talking about kids yelling instead of singing. I thought that was protocol? Congrats to Eamon. Love the b-ball pictures. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your vacation.

    1. Little kid protocol is yelling, you are right! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  3. So much fun stuff! Love those Bball pics. They are awesome (way better than the school pictures our school offers!). We live close to water and buoys are one of our "things" so I'd love to transport that tree right to my backyard.

    That's a lot of paper cups, but I'm all about thrifting, so go you.

    And that reindeer game looks like it would be HILARIOUS!

    1. I think we used around 40,000 cups last season! Gotta stock up! You guys should totally have a buoy tree where you are, maybe you could start it!

  4. Thank you for that info - I'm actually getting the Women's Health one, not the Food Sensitivity one :)

  5. Beautiful Christmas card! And I love the pictures of all your beautiful children.

    That "just a mom" meme is hilarious but a little too real, LOL.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Colleen, Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Please know how much I enjoy reading here and learning from you as well. Never stop blogging, K??? And have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!

  7. Love everything about this!! That buoy tree is so festive... although at first I thought the tree was made up of wine bottles! Clearly I don't live near the ocean ;)

    The SNL robe skit is family lore around here. Nick and I have actually given each other robes for Christmas in years past (along with much more exciting gifts!), which makes it that much funnier, and we always watch it several times during each Christmas season ;)

    The wondering wise men have me in stitches. And Brendan tattling on the yellers!!! Too funny. Our school Christmas concert was last week, and the preschoolers sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". When they got to the verse about "we won't go until we get some", they all scowled, pouted, stamped their feet and put their hands on their hips for the entire verse. The audience lost it! (The real miracle is then they all managed to go back to sweet smiles for the last verse!)

    I love the little blurbs on the back of your Christmas card, too. Such a smart idea to include that without the work of writing a full Christmas letter. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. The buoy tree IS adorable.
    Andrews girlfriend is so cute too...but man, she has really long arms. 😛
    I hope you guys have the best vacation...which is really the best gift: time together. Well, all those cups will be nice too.

  9. I'm just now catching up on all of my blog reading so please forgive this late comment. Ahhh....I always loved the school's Christmas pageant! I miss those days...big sigh...You definitely got the better end of the deal!


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