Friday, February 23, 2024

Week in Review: Breaking News, February Break and Tax Breaks

 Big news this week.


Let's goooooooooo!

Eamon's last (ever? he's a junior but unsure if he wants to play next year) Varsity game was on Wednesday and Maggie's last Varsity game as a Sophomore was on Thursday and thank you Baby Jesus for allowing us to get through all of *waves hands wildly around the air* that.  Declan still has practices and games for his CYO season, but 2-3 times a week for one kid seems like nothing now.  

This week has been February Break, so no school for the kids and no work for Phil, and I had Monday and Friday off.  We've done library trips to renew interest in reading books other than graphic novels, cleaned out and organized the board games which led to renewed interest in playing games:

Cage Bingo for the win!

One day, Phil took the kids to play basketball and then got them some Wendy's for lunch:

Eamon and his "friend" took the littles out to see the Migration movie in the theater, then came home for chicken parm and games. 

Maggie and I went to get our eyebrows threaded and then she needed a Playa Bowl after that traumatic experience (it's really not that traumatic but her skin is sensitive).  She loved the results though and is learning the lesson that "Il faut souffrir pour être belle".

She doesn't always wear slippers out in public, but when she does it's after basketball practice.

I came home from work one day to find that Phil had left me an early birthday present in our bedroom (my birthday is this Sunday):

The kids couldn't figure out what the present was until I showed them an old picture:

All of those ugly cords - gone!  How did we even live like that?  And look at how cuddly wee Brendan watched tv in bed with me :)

I filed my taxes with TaxAct on February 5th and got both Federal and State refunds by February 20th - woohoo!  Just in time to have ductless mini split units installed in the house next week.  When it comes to money, our motto is "God giveth and God taketh away".

Today involves a little girlie outing, to be reported on next week, and then we will all be staring at each other in disbelief when JP turns 21 on Sunday.  These darn kids never listen when I tell them not to grow up!

Have a wonderful LAST WEEKEND in February everybody!!


  1. The Playa bowl looks delicious!
    Happy early Birthday!

  2. Now THAT is an amazing birthday gift! :) I am impressed.

  3. It's almost YOUR birthday too! So fun! Happy early celebrating! I am so glad basketball is nearly over for you. What a nice early present... maybe even better than no more cords? Have a great weekend!

    1. You're right! No more high school basketball is indeed a gift!!

  4. Ha. Your basketball feelings are very relatable. Reg is done. Curly has a BIG game tonight. Mini came home for the game and I'm thinking of all the things I can accomplish today while she's here. Can I go to Coach's work and get treatment for my elbows? Groceries? A run? Do your kids still have a week off for spring break? This is confusing me. Love the older bro taking kids to the movie. So sweet. Happy birthday and what a great gift. Doing things on the to do list that no one ever has time for is huge.

    1. Good luck to Curly! Maggie's basketball record was 0-21. I mean, c'mon. We are playing in a league that is way out of our skill level, and it's embarrassing. The kids get a week off at Christmas, a week off in Feb and a week off in April. I think it's for ski season up here in good old New England.

    2. Oh no. That's awful. Can they drop the school down to a different league? I think we are in 3A, but there is also a 4A. Beyond that, I know nothing. Above my paygrade.

      Ah, ski season. I guess that makes sense. I thought about it this morning. It's almost March. That's always a sign to me that the end of the school year is right around the corner. I'm ready for it.

    3. The boys do okay in this league (even won it a few years back) but the girls do not, it's sad. Maggie is the tallest on the team (I'm 99% sure) and she's only 5'8" on a good day, so that's part of the problem!


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