Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wednesday Workout Wrapup: With a Side of Moving Goals

I often see fitness influencers on social media being asked "How do you know what exercises to do or where to start?" and everyone has their own story.  Some of them are trained personal trainers or former elite athletes or people who have lost a lot of weight or just normal people who figured out what works for them after lots of trial and error.

I am none of those :)

I am closest to the "normal people who figured out what works for them" though I am forever in the stage of trials and errors.  I constantly wonder about what works best for me (and my family and our schedules) and often change it up in hopes of figuring out the perfect plan for whatever season we are in.  

Sometimes I get on a running kick because the weather is nice and it fits in easiest with everyone's schedules.  Then I burn out of running and want to focus on lifting, so I start a program to guide me (that's what I'm doing with the free! EPIC III program right now).  Most of the time I just randomly piece together my favorite group exercise classes at the gym, fit in some running, add lots of walking and it's fine.

The only consistent goal I have since getting an Apple Watch five years ago is to hit my Move Calorie Goal of 800 each day.  When I sit at work all day, it requires some effort to reach that goal, but when it's the weekend or a vacation, just being active and having fun all day usually does the trick.  And I'm not craaaaazy about it.  Some days I go well over 800 calories and some days I'm under and it doesn't bother me *much*.  It's a Move Goal but it's also always a Moving Goal because while I hope to stay active for the rest of my life, I know I need to be flexible with what that will look like.

Wednesday, February 14: 

Ash Wednesday plus Valentine's Day = a weird combo, and it made me not want to work out. I went to an Ash Wednesday service during my lunch break at a church I can walk to from work.

1.5 mile walk after service
1 mile walk with dog in evening

Thursday, February 15: 

Epic III - Day 1 (at home before work)
3 mile Walk at lunch

Friday, February 16: 

Epic III - Day 2 +
1 mile walk with dog (all in morning before work)
3 mile walk at lunch

Saturday, February 17: 

Epic III - Day 3 plus half of EPIC III - Day 5. Her HIIT workouts are so intense, we were dying:

4.3 mile walk with dog

Sunday, February 18: 

4.3 mile walk with dog in morning

Then we drove to the Cape for an overnight with the little boys. We did lots of this for hours:

Monday, February 19: 

1.75 mile walk around resort + lots more swimming

Tuesday, February 20: 

Epic III - Day 6 (at home before work)
3 mile walk at lunch
1 mile walk with dog after dinner


  1. Love the framing of the Moving Move Goal... you're so right that what works is constantly shifting depending on the season (both in terms of weather and family rhythms). I am intrigued by this Epic program -- free is always great! I recently discovered the Apple Fitness workouts and did a fun treadmill run "through" Munich (the trainer included photos from around the city and described the atmosphere). Can't wait for the weather to be reliably nicer so I can bust out the double jogger for the best crosstraining workout of all time ;)

    1. Kate, the videos are so good that I can't believe they are free! The trainer is so NOT annoying in them, and after a brief explanation of what's gonna happen, she doesn't talk anymore. I used to have to mute other workout videos because of all the talking (especially when I would watch them on repeat). She lifts such heavy weights and it's been pushing us in the best of ways. It's so nice on a cold morning to wake up at 6 am, get a workout done at home, and be showered and off to work by 7:15. I really can't say enough good about it!

  2. Epic does sound interesting. It's free? I do my FB workouts put together during lock down by a personal trainer from our health club. I venmo her money as a thank you. Guessing I'm the only one still doing that, but it is so much easier than going into the gym. She isn't adding new classes. I am also ready for the weather to be consistently warm, so I can start running outside regularly.


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