Friday, February 2, 2024

Week in Review: CSW, AARP and AIRBNB

Happy Friday!  Hope you are staying cozy on this February day just like Lucy Doodle.  How cute is she with her crossed legs, my fancy girl:

I'm staying cozy in my Lucy-colored wrap sweater (some colors are only $13.99):

Last Friday, Xander had his science fair and some of the AP students at the Catholic high school were judges, which included Eamon!  Don't worry though, no nepotism was involved as Eamon was not assigned to judge Xander.  Also if you are interested, mints don't actually cool the temp of water.

This week is Catholic Schools Week and there's been a dressdown and fun activities each day for the kiddos.  

Phil was able to attend the Parent Picnic with Declan and Brendan.  He brought them happy meals and said McDonald's was a popular choice among the dads who went :)

Eamon served a school Mass:

Xander's middle school team won against the other Catholic schools in the area, and he was very proud to get correct answers at the Quizbowl:

Eamon snuck a picture.

And today was the 100 Day of school so may I present my future little old men:

Snazzy dressers in their old age.


I'm 44 for the record, though I would love to identify as a retiree.

I ordered some new seltzers from Amazon, and they came all banged up and leaking:

Amazon refunded my money right away, they are very good like that.  I didn't even need to send the pictures I took as proof.  The (non-damaged) ones I tried were very delish.  I was introduced to lychees by my Filipino roommate in college and they are *chef's kiss*.

Speaking of college friends from cool places, JP is heading to Hawaii this summer for a friend's wedding.  He is going with three other friends, and they are renting this from airbnb:

Not exactly the way I would want to spend my time in Hawaii, but it kind of seems perfect for broke college kids.  It'll certainly be an adventure!  

I adore that my kids love travelling and trying new things while they are young and free.  As we tell them often, take advantage of opportunities because you never know if you will have the chance again.  Will I be a nervous nelly while he is sleeping in a tent on top of a Lexus in Hawaii, you betcha, but I would never stop him from having these cool experiences.  Parenting includes a lot of external encouraging and internal worrying.

After not playing great as a team, Eamon's basketball coach told the players that it didn't seem like they even wanted to play and then proceeded to have a practice filled with competitions.  The top five players from the practice would start in the next game.  So Eamon was a winner and got to start!  Each starting player runs out and does a handshake as they are announced, so Eamon made up one where he gets crowned:

Blurry screenshot of a video

For a bench warming Junior, this was indeed a crowning moment!

Declan asked me to take a picture of his "amazing dinner" of waffles, eggs and sausage.  Breakfast for dinner is a winner around here, for kids and tired parents both.  (And yes he was already bathed and in pajamas by 5:30 pm...that's my idea of a good night).

And spring is coming soon!!

Have a wonderful no-football watching weekend everybody!!  What's on your Superbowl menu??


  1. I love the parent picnic idea! I wish we did something like that! I would also be a wreck if my kids slept in a tent on top of a Lexus but so cool he is going to Hawaii!! And good for him for staying within his budget to do so!

    1. It ended up being lots of grandparents because parents have to work, but the kids did love it. I'm sure JP will come home with lots of stories :)

  2. Hello! First of all, you are speaking my language with littles showered and in jammies by 5:30! That was a happy day in our house. Heck, that is my goal for myself now! And yes. Good for you Mom for supporting and encouraging the not-so-little ones to spread their wings and do life. When Madison was eighteen and had the opportunity to live in Denmark with Nicolas and his family, I was her biggest cheerleader. Other people, my sister for one, could not believe I would allow her to do such a thing! But, like you, I knew that life passes quickly, and if she had a chance to experience it in a beautiful place across the ocean, learning a new language and see places I never will, I was all for it. Did we miss her horribly? Absolutely. But you know the saying...Give them roots and wings! Good job, my friend.

    1. Thanks Billie Jo! I would love my kids to travel the world and then settle down and live near me - a mom can hope!!

  3. Lucy does look like a fancy lady, she's true to her own self. I like the photo of breakfast for dinner. Who doesn't like that? I saw that the groundhog has decreed that winter will be short so I suddenly love him even if he is a rodent. I'm tired of gray winter days.

    1. Even if he is a rodent - haha agreed!

  4. Such fun for Catholic schools week! That is the one thing I would change about our school -- they have lots of great extracurriculars and school spirit when it comes to sports and the music program, but they don't ever do dress down days or fun themes for Catholic school week. At first I was grateful not to have one other thing to add to my plate but now I really think the kids are missing out on some good fun!

    Sleeping in a tent on top of a Lexus is 100% something I would have loved to do in college. Good for you for supporting him!

    Lucy is just so snuggly!! And that wrap sweater is super cute. I may need to treat myself to one of those ;)

    1. Mmmmm I think you should be glad it's not added to your plate - ha! Maybe one fun dress down day would be perfect, but there's a lot of yelling and searching for the right clothes during CSW :)

  5. So much happening, wow. I remember CSW and all the projects and the themed dress days and the crazy hair days. Seems like yesterday. I have to say your pic of the 3 old men looks like it is straight off of the set of Mr. Rodgers. I'm here for the Hawaii stay in a pop up on a car - can't wait for the results. That sweater is so cute, as is Lucy.

    1. Aww good old Mr. Rogers. I'm excited for the Hawaii recaps too :)

  6. Awww...Lucy! Girl, I LOVE a wrap sweater too.
    I remember having lunches at school with my kids; so very special.
    Sleeping in a truck on the beach in Hawaii? I would have loved that as a young person, not so much now though.

  7. At this stage of the parenting game, I haven't even given a thought to my kid's friends getting married! I guess it's coming though. A tent on top of a Lexus sounds really cool. I know he's going to have a great time!


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