Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Wednesday Workout Wrapup: With a Side of Supplements

It was a rainy and yucky week, so there was not a lot of outside walking time, but I tried to make do.  When I can't get outside in the sun, I make sure to take my Vitamin D drops that are fun to put right on my tongue.   This week was also my visit from Aunt Flo which consistently makes me want to curl up in bed with a heating pad and not go to the gym.  But I remind myself that I never regret a workout, take my trusty iron supplements and push through most of the time.  I did indeed take a day off because I also try to listen to my body when it's really tired or sore and prioritize sleep and rest on those days.  Even God rested on the 7th day :)

A note about supplements, I really believe they are just a healthy diet.  I don't just routinely take the same vitamins/supplements every day, but I think about my day and what I am lacking and adjust accordingly.  Iron when I've not eaten red meat, calcium if my dairy consumption has been low, and so on.  I do take magnesium everyday, but if I am drinking it before bed, then I don't also take the pill version.  I take a probiotic daily, either alone or with Vitamin C, again depending on if I've had an Emergen-C drink that day and gotten a high dose of Vitamin C already or not.  

There's no point in wasting supplements by taking them on a day you already got enough of that vitamin or mineral, you know?  I do the same with protein...if I don't think I had enough for the day, then I will make myself a casein protein shake at night, but I'm not just drinking a protein shake every night as part of a plan.  I'm not a nutritionist, I am merely a common sensist and frugalist.

 Wednesday, January 24: 

2 mile run on treadmill + 45 minute Strength Class (while Xander was at swim practice)

Thursday, January 25: 

3 mile Walk at lunch

5 mile Run/Walk Intervals on treadmill

Friday, January 26: 

5:30 am Boot Camp Class 

The workout was seven rounds of these:

And then we finished with single-hand deadlifts and stretching.

I'm sorry my gym selfies are so weird, I get very self-conscious taking them in front of the others.

Saturday, January 27: 

5 mile run

1 mile Walk with dog

Sunday, January 28: 

2 mile run on treadmill + 45 minute cardio/weight class at gym

Monday, January 29: 

3 mile walk at lunch 

2 mile walk with dog in evening

Tuesday, January 30: 

3 mile Walk at lunch

50 minute elliptical at gym while Xander had swim practice


  1. I also take magnesium citrate a lot! It really helps with muscle recovery, bowel health...and sleep! What's not to love (though I kinda chug it since I do hate the taste).
    Other than that I take Omega-3s for my dry eyes (helps SO MUCH) and Vitamin D. That's it. I really should incorporate Vitamin C again, though.

    1. Magnesium is the best! I started taking it during a pregnancy when I got charlie horses in my calves and it took care of that problem and I never stopped. I actually just bought fish oil supplements and I haven't started taking them yet, so thank you for the omega-3 reminder :)

  2. That's a smart supplement philosophy you have! I am all about the Vitamin D in the winter!

    1. Smart or cheap, we will never know ;)

  3. I found your blog through Elisabeth's. You are inspiring me to up my cardio game! I'm impressed!

    1. Nice to meet ya! Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Girlfriend! I am a FIRM believer in Vitamin D every single day, even if you do get outside, because in northern climes we just don't get enough. It's so hard on our little bones! I know I'm more north than you but still! I double up the D (heh) when daylight savings ends (starts? Idk) in the fall until the clocks move forward again. I think it helps so much with general health and am I a doctor, no, but I AM slightly obsessed with Vitamin D.

    1. Runs to use my Vitamin D drops right now......

  5. LOL on the gym selfie thing. I basically refuse to take a selfie there if I think there is any chance someone will see me. Haha. Yet they are certainly a nice, fun addition to a workout recap blog post! A conundrum. :)

  6. I'm also Team Vitamin D all year long and especially in the winter! I sometimes forget it myself but I preach it to my patients every day ;) It's VERY hard to overdo it with the over the counter supplements and for pretty much everybody who lives far from the equator, you're much more likely to be deficient than to have too much.

    Your gym selfie is great. I feel like my hands often look ridiculous in selfies - but then I definitely think we judge our own selfies more harshly than other people do!

  7. I started taking Magnesium for the first time this past year. Why was that one eluding me?
    Girl, I LOATHE burpees and wanna cry if I have to do them.


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