Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wednesday Workout Wrapup: With a Side of Explanation

This week's wrapup is actually for the past two weeks, because I was feeling kind of icky after the last wrapup that I wrote so I skipped the next week's post in order to avoid more ickiness.  

Why were you feeling so icky Colleen?

Thanks for asking, my friend.  

You see, I know my own insecurities/failures/hangups and they are just normal to me, but when I write about them it may cause some of you lovely readers to be concerned for my well-being because they may not be normal to you.  I think the way I wrote that last post conveyed that I was obsessed with calorie counting, which would make me worry about a friend as well.  I can assure you that I am truly not obsessed with calories.  You should see the way I eat!  I own an ice cream store - ha! I love food, and I love indulging in yummy treats, and I also like feeling healthy and moving my body and keeping my mental health strong by doing so.  I've always been the kind of girl to go for a run and then eat a whole pizza.  I love both things.

My issue wasn't that I needed to keep adding on exercise upon exercise in order to burn more calories, it was just that it's annoying to do a hard weight workout and then see I've only burned 100 calories versus a hard run where I burn many more.  It doesn't mean I am going to stop weightlifting, but it may mean I need to stop wearing my apple watch so that I don't even know the calories burned.  

It's like going out to eat a restaurant where they list the calories of each entree and it affects the way you feel about your food choice.  You better believe I'm still going to get the fried scallops and onion rings, but I wish I didn't know how many calories were in it, because now I feel kind of guilty about it.

I know I like to workout and I think I am just reaching the point where I want to do it without any "goals" or meeting any numbers, because I honestly don't need those things to motivate me to work out.  But some people do!  And that's fine, and they should try to hit a step goal or calorie burned goal or sign up for a race and follow a training plan or whatever works for them.  It's just not quite working for me, and instead of feeling good after a heavy leg day workout I was feeling frustrated that I "needed" to walk lots of miles to meet the daily goal.  All this to say - life is a journey, people change, feelings are fickle, hormones are wacked, aging is not for the weak, and we're all good over here.

 Wednesday, March 13:

EPIC III - Day 23 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

2 mile walk with dog in evening

Thursday, March 14:

EPIC III - Day 24 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

2 mile walk with dog in evening

Friday, March 15:

4 mile run on treadmill at lunch

Saturday, March 16:

5 mile run + 2 mile walk cooldown with dog

Sunday, March 17:

EPIC III - Day 26

2 mile walk with dog

A little bit of volleyball with the Cottage Crew:

Monday, March 18:

4 mile run

Tuesday, March 19:

3 mile walk at lunch

EPIC III - Day 27 after work + 1 mile walk with dog

Wednesday, March 20:

EPIC III - Day 28 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

1.5 mile walk with dog in evening

Thursday, March 21:

4 mile run on treadmill at lunch

Friday, March 22:

EPIC III - Day 29 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

 1 mile walk with dog in evening

Saturday, March 23:

50 minutes on elliptical at gym while kids had swim lessons

Sunday, March 24:

EPIC III - Day 31

4 mile walk with dog

Monday, March 25:

EPIC III - Day 32 before work

5.25 mile run/walk intervals (I run .5 miles and then walk uphill .25 miles on repeat) on the treadmill after a half day of work:

The treadmill said 5.25 miles but my watch is an underestimator.

1 mile walk with dog in evening

Tuesday, March 26:

EPIC III - Day 33 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

1 mile walk with dog after work


  1. Having a body and trying to take care of it and maintain it in a way that feels good to you is somehow SO FRAUGHT. Your comparison of "calories burned" to menus that list calories per item is so apt. The information may be good and useful, but it's not neutral information -- it definitely affects how you feel about an activity or a meal. I am nowhere near as active as you are, but I do like to pay attention to the other data on my watch -- pace per mile when I'm walking, for instance, or heart rate when I'm lifting weights. I kind of wish you could turn off the calories burned feature because I agree that it can be distracting!

    1. That is a perfect description - it's not neutral information. Yessssss! Thank you!

  2. This resonates with me. I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum right now, really feeling like I can't think through food and exercise. It's just...A LOT, eh?!

    1. You're so inspiring with the yoga and intuitive eating Elisabeth! Keep doing what's working for you :)

  3. I can't count calories in or calories out. It takes up too much of my brain space, so I get this. It's very tedious and who has the time? My goal is to move my body daily, and eat mostly healthy, but dang, do I love French fries---and life is short! :)

    1. Life is way too short to not eat the french fries!!


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