Thursday, March 28, 2024

Week in Review: Car Renovations, Lenten Reflections and TV Recommendations

Wrapping up this week on Holy Thursday because hopefully I will be offline tomorrow on Good Friday.  

When I got my van back from the alternator repair, it was making a flappy kind of noise.  Back into the shop it went, and the mechanic said a rag was left in it by accident.  Ummmm okay.  It reminds me of those surgeries with forgetful surgeons:

Anyone seen my scissors?  I know I just had them somewhere...

Unbeknownst to him, JP called in the middle of the van drama to tell us that the car the boys have out at college needed new breaks.  So I guess car problems are like funerals and they come in threes.  Hopefully now we are done for awhile.  Having to pay for car issues is such a bummer, but it also means that we have old cars with no monthly payments, so that is an upside.

I have been thinking about Brendan's upcoming First Communion, and I remembered one of my favorite gifts to give for sacraments and I ordered one for him.  It's stressing me out because his First Communion is on May 5, the boys come home from college on May 8 (and JP will be a college graduate), the Cottage opens on May 9, Mother's Day is on May 12 and our anniversary is May 17.  It's all too much and makes me want to rewind 22 years and not get married in May.  Any other month!  At least we don't also have a high school graduate this year.  I just don't know how to properly celebrate all the things and still stay sane, you know?   I want to apologize in advance that it's not you, it's May.

My beautiful mum's birthday was this week and I was able to take her out to brunch to celebrate.  I am soooo lucky to have both of my wonderful parents in my life and living below us!  

86 years young.

As Lent is winding down, I want to say what I found to be fruitful this year.  I always struggle with what to "do" for Lent and I was very happy with my choice to participate in Hallow's Pray 40.  It was really moving and inspiring to learn about Fr. Ciszek's life and the other stories that people shared have stuck with me.  I also went to an hour of Adoration each week, except one week when I didn't have my car.  We went to Stations of the Cross every Friday, a practice I have fallen in love with.  I didn't cheat on the no sweets, but I think next year I should try to give up chips because that is definitely what I reach for when I can't have sweets.  I need to do better at individual daily prayer time as well.  But overall it felt like as good of a Lent as Lent could be and I'm grateful for the annual opportunity to focus on the my faith life.  Also, my kids killed it and are way better than me with their little sacrifices.  I love them so much!

Some of the kids participated in the Living Stations of the Cross.  Maggie was Mary, Xander and Declan were soldiers:

Phil found this inspiring note left by a student on a pew in his high school's chapel:

Maggie had another volleyball tournament, but this one was right near Patriot Place in Foxboro, so Phil and I were able to go get lunch and shop at Trader Joe's while we were up unexpected date!

They ended up in 3rd place.

Phil and I have been enjoying these shows lately:

I don't even follow golf, but I love a good documentary.

And that's a March wrap - see ya next month and have a wonderful Easter weekend everybody!


  1. I love a good documentary too. It's funny to think of the outings that we consider dates once we are older and busier with kids. Always fun to find myself alone with my guy when we can just talk and breathe. ;) Your lent sounds very productive and thoughtful. I chose to do a daily rosary, and some days I ended up doing more than one, because - well, I'm apparently easily distracted. I want to do better, but I'm giving myself some grace. I did try to just talk to God more and be grateful and mindful of all the ways He has blessed us. Happy Easter, my east coast friend.

    1. The older I get, the more I love day dates. Going out at night just isn't as appealing as it once was :) You're so good with the rosary, now that I will be done listening to Hallow on my way to work, I need to go back to saying the rosary then. I tend not to do it because I tell myself that we will say a family rosary in the evening, and then the evening comes and we are going in too many directions. Being grateful is such a wonderful practice and we both have lots to thank God for. Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  2. Our 10 year wedding anniversary was in October last year. October for us is like your May - every year! I wanted to do something bigger than usual but it kept not happening. We finally went out to lunch to celebrate, and a date without kids ... in February. I hope you dont have to wait that long but celebrating later is not so bad either.

    1. Oh my gosh, in February?!? You are a patient saint of a woman :)

  3. OMG on the rag! I have somewhat similar - a few months back, I had to take my car in for an issue. While they were figuring out what the issue is, I said "might as well throw in an old change while you have it!" And then a week later, I'm back again because the Check Engine light came on, and they tell me "Someone spilled oil in your engine" and wanted to charge me! I hate negotiating/arguing and I always want to pay for work and be fair/polite, but I was like umm, YOU just had it a week ago and changed the oil?!

    This car is old and I think I'll get a new one this year (I want the new safety features!) but I am with you on the dreaded monthly car payments!!

    Happy belated to your mom!

    1. It is so frustrating but yes, the payoff is the lack of car payments. Our mechanic hasn't charged us for the two times we have brought it back for a noise that started after they did the alternator they should not. Sorry you had to fight that!

  4. You did better at your Lenten resolution than me! I gave up the fountain sodas on the way to work for a few weeks, but then they crept back in. (Bad nights means caffeine infusion needed!) I upped my almsgiving and hoped it's enough.
    Cars at college are such a double edged sword. Great for getting kids there, but they always have some issues. My kids usually pay for the repair in part ( as I pay insurance). However, it's agony for my husband as he loves working on cars and hates paying other people for it. He did once rent a truck to tow a car ( steering failed) 3+ hours home so he could fix it himself. I don't really think we saved money on it, but it made him happy.
    Have a joyous Easter!

    1. You are lucky to have a handy husband who can fix cars! Phil and I both missed out on that talent. I hope you had a wonderful Easter with lots of soda!!!

  5. The rag!! Stop. (Although I'm very glad that the chest x-ray does not belong to one of your crew -- that would be worse!)

    I also did the Pray40 challenge with Hallow, and played some of the Saints and Spirit kids' Lenten devotions for the kids (especially liked their Family Mass Prep). I had never used the Hallow app prior to this and really enjoyed it!

    Your mom is gorgeous and her wisdom and sense of humor shine through in that photo! I can only hope to be that put-together at 86!

    1. Hallow's Pray40 really was amazing. My mom is the cutest and I do hope to be just like her...minus the bad back and neck!

  6. When I saw the pic of the scissors left in a human cavity, I thought: WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH COLLEEN'S PEOPLE? Thank goodness it was only our van who suffered.

    I love the note that Phil found! How wonderful is that?

    Wow. Your May will be FULL.

    I don't like golf either, but loved Swing.


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