Friday, May 3, 2024

Week in Review: A School Gala, A Graduation Scare and A New Restaurant

Happy 1st Friday in May!  This month is always a rollercoaster filled with social events, graduations, sacraments, anniversaries, the return of the college students and the opening of The Ice Cream Cottage.  It's all good stuff and I feel so grateful to be included in the celebrations and milestones of my family...but sometimes I deeply empathize with her:


True story, after the very social weekend we had, Phil and I went to a workout class at the gym on Monday night while Brendan had swim team practice.  While in the car en route, I was telling Phil that I was excited to catch up with my friends from the gym whom I hadn't seen in a long time.  

As we entered the class, I stopped and peeked through the glass part of the door to see who was inside.

Phil: What are you doing?

Me: Just trying to see where my friends are so I can avoid them.


On Friday night, Phil and I (and Eamon who was a volunteer) attended our Catholic elementary school's annual gala.  How do you pronounce that word?  I say gala like *gosh what rhymes with the way I say it* "pal uh".  But I've heard people say it like gay-la.

I had bought a cute new dress for the gala, but then ended up wearing this flowy number instead because my cycle just loves to show up at the most inconvenient times.  I was very happy that my black eye turned the corner and was able to be covered with makeup.  Phil is sporting the facial hair because he can't shave near his scar yet.  I like the look of it on him, but how on earth do you ladies kiss a man with facial hair?  Ouch!

My lips WERE harmed for the sake of this photo

On Saturday, we did some yard work and chores and errands and work at the shop and then went to Mass and had friends over for dinner.  We were able to sit on the screened porch with our firepit for the first time this spring, so nice!

Grandpa can always get them to work hard!

Maggie had her last (hallelujah!!) volleyball tournament on Sunday and we didn't get home until almost 7pm.  Her team came in 3rd place and now she just has to finish up her Spring Track season.  Every year at this time we swear we won't do this off season volleyball team next year.  And then every year we do.

JP and friends continue to live their best lives as they rented a lake house in New York to hang out for the weekend before finals started this week.  

We had a bit of a scare with his graduation requirements being met before graduation.  

Back when we brought JP out for Freshman Orientation, I sat with him and his advisor and we went over his AP scores and picked his classes based on which classes he was exempt from.  It was very confusing, as his Junior year scores were available to the college, but his senior year scores hadn't been sent to them yet.  JP and I were trying to remember his scores and then calculate what classes he needed.  Based on his AP Bio score, the advisor said that he didn't need to take BIO 142 and so JP was signed up for BIO 143.  He continued on his biology track, and only found out a couple weeks ago from his advisor (who was very apologetic) that he should have taken BIO 142 after all.  

At this point, he couldn't take it in time and graduate this May, and since he had many other Biology upper level classes under his belt and enough credits to graduate and it was a mistake that he never took BIO 142, the Registrar was willing to waive the requirement for graduation.  That was all well and good, but JP realized that when he eventually goes to apply for PA school, they might require that course on his transcript.  

He reached out to the Dean of Advising (who happens to be our old Residence Director when Phil and I were in Austria in 2000) and she said she couldn't just add the class to his transcript since he never took it.  But she came up with the solution that he could take the Bio CLEP exam to prove he knew the info and then would be exempt from the class and get the credit on his transcript.  JP was stressed to take this exam on top of the other papers and exams he had coming up, but he did it and I got this text:

Apparently he needed a 55 out of 80 to pass, and he got a 72.  Thatta boy!  But geesh that was stressful.

Here's the Maggies, one of whom turned Sweet 16 and had a beautiful dinner at a restaurant on the water in Newport, RI.  The other one is mine :)

Brunette Maggie and Blond Maggie

More friends with names that are not Maggie, thankfully (Eamon's girlfriend in pink)

A couple weeks ago, I had taken my Maggie and her friend MG out to shop for dresses for this birthday dinner.  Apparently all the girls decided to wear long dresses (I am in favor!) and the theme of the dress was "Coastal Granddaughter".  I was like "Mmmm, scuz me?" but then I looked up coastal granddaughter, and it's a thing!  Maggie's dress is here if you want to dress like a coastal lady.  I just call this look "Cape Cod" or "the Hamptons":

Lucy got a haircut that is so short and she seemed a little embarrassed about it and quite frankly mad at us, but it will be nice for the summer:

This beach is less than two miles from our house, isn't it beautiful?

Coastal Mom and Coastal Dog

I didn't keep up with my Wednesday posts about working out (you're welcome) but I did keep up with the actual workouts.  Lots and lots of walking after the surgery and we just started to go back to the gym this week.  Cardio classes improve my mood so much!

On Wednesday evening, Phil and I were invited to a soft opening of the new restaurant, Olivia's, which is right next to The Ice Cream Cottage.  We invited my parents along, and it was quite good!  I think our little section of town is going to be very busy on summer nights :)

That swordfish sat on a lot of beans, and my mom apologized for the evening ahead.

Last night was Brendan's First Communion rehearsal which will happen on Sunday, followed by a Cinco de Mayo themed dinner at our house after.  You can find me cooking up some enchiladas and fajitas and tacos and mexican street corn dip this weekend...send margaritas :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Wow - what a busy and fun May! I cannot believe the college advisor did not pick up the missed class ages ago. Glad there was a way to work it out. I hope Brendan has a blessed First Communion!

    1. Thanks! You know what it's like - so many kids at such different stages...First Communion and a college graduation in the same week! Our poor brains :)

  2. Your posts are just SO MUCH FUN TO READ. I nearly died laughing at the "Coastal" thing. Love your dress for the gala - I pronounce it the same way you do - and love Maggie's!!

    1. I feel like this coastal theme is a great Nova Scotia "look" too!

  3. So much to learn about. Coastal Granddaughters. Doggie haircuts. Prayers offered for first communicants and graduates. :) Volleyball being over. New restaurants.

    1. Always so much, haha! Thank you for the prayers, the day went beautifully and good luck with all your sacraments coming up!

  4. Love seeing all that’s going on in your beautiful family! I’m a fan of this coastal granddaughter style. Those girls all look so lovely and feminine.

    Congratulations to Brendan! One of our granddaughters is also going to receive her First Holy Communion on the same day. I think a Cinco de Mayo theme party is such a fun idea. 😊

    1. We were going to do Italian for the party food (always a crowd pleaser) but when I realized the day we switched it up, and it was fun and different!

  5. Coastal Granddaughter!!! HA! I have never heard of such a thing either but they all look lovely and major hooray for the long dresses. The super short dress trend is so tricky!

    I'm SO glad it ended up working out in the end for that biology credit, but yes, super stressful and kudos to JP for pulling off that fantastic score without much lead time to prep. Just goes to show he really does know his stuff. Actually, this exact story would be great to share in a PA school interview if he is asked about an obstacle he had to overcome!

    That restaurant looks darling and hopefully a symbiotic relationship will develop between the Ice Cream Cottage and the restaurant! Look what you started -- you guys are breathing new life into the town!

    1. Good note about the story for the PA interview :) I understood why he had to take the test to get the credit for the course, but I was like if he has taken biology 400 level classes, I'm pretty sure he knows the basics! Glad he pulled through. When you come to visit, you can now have dinner and dessert in our coastal town - wishful thinking - but Pittsburgh isn't that far away!


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