Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Lo: April 16th


1) It's April 16th - tax season is over!!! Actually, for many residents of MA tax season has been extended until May 11th due to all the flooding. But, since I work on Cape Cod and the Cape residents have not been extended, MY tax season is over!

2) Haircuts all around. Maggie got her first trim, I cut about 4 inches off mine, and I buzzed the boys hair on Wednesday.Phil is the last one to get spring cleaned :)

3) Woodchips are being delivered today for our swingset area. The yard is looking better, but we have ways to go!

4) The kids April vacations officially starts at the end of school today!!! We will be having lots of family visiting, and the kids are SO excited.

5) Phil was asked to be the Confirmation sponsor for one of the students at his high school. Her name is Haley, and she's a doll! She comes to Sunday Mass with us and volunteers at my kid's school helping them with homework and chasing them around the playground. She will be able to drive soon and we are looking forward to making her our regular babysitter. She was just confirmed on Tuesday night, and chose the name Felicity. I had to read about St Felicity, if you don't know about her, she's AMAZING - she had 7 sons and they were all martyred. While they were killing off her sons one by one, she had to watch and they gave her a chance to denounce her faith after each one, but she never did, and then she was killed at the end. What a strong woman!

Here's Phil and Haley at the Confirmation:


1) Got to start eating a bit better - the stress of extra work has been making me crave sweets and naughty stuff. And I haven't been running as long anymore now that the race is over. It's almost beach weather - yikes!

2) Poor Phil, he's been so busy trying to get the yard ready for the swingset (we had a ton of ivy he had to dig up), take care of the kids while I've been working, and getting all his grad work completed in time. He's my hero!

3) We have been keeping the pediatrician busy lately - Eamon had a double ear infection and Maggie had strep throat. Here she is probably infecting her friend, Robby (Sorry Robby!):

What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. *love* your hair!! You are so beautiful!
    Sounds like your swingset project is going well. Hard work for now=a lot of fun later.
    Haley looks like a beautiful young woman. I love the name Felicity! What an honor that Phil could be her sponsor.

    Happy Weekend! Hope your kids are feeling better.

  2. You've been busy! Love your hair cut. I cut and colored mine last week too. The girls are probably due for a trim. Enjoy your vacations, and yay for April 16th!!

  3. great haircut.. so pretty!!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!!!!

  4. I love your hair - and I have that t-shirt! lol! I hope your kids are doing better by now - we were all hit with a stomach bug this past week & it wasn't fun. I'm looking forward to summer & the kids not passing germs around at school!


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