Thursday, April 22, 2010


Perhaps it's just because we have our nieces and nephews visiting and they have grown up much too fast since we last saw them. Or maybe it's because John-Paul now comes up to my chest when he hugs me. Or it could be that I packed up bags of baby clothes to pass along to my sister's little girl.
But whatever it is, I am realizing that these days of small children are too precious to let pass by without thanking God every single day for the gift of family. I hope the one thing people will say about me when I'm long gone was that I loved my kids and my role as wife and mother.

John-Paul at age 5.

And now at age 7, with his cousin, Maura, who is also 7.

Andrew at age 3.

Hanging around at age 5 (and a half!).

Eamon swings around 18 months.

And still enjoys swinging at 3 (and a half) with his cousin, Maeve, also 3.

And Maggie at 6 months - gosh this little girl just kills me!

And growing up way too fast at age 2, with her cousin, Tommy, age 3.

Hug your kids, praise them, show them you love them through discipline and rewards. Because in this life, nothing else matters more.


  1. I totally agree . . . they are the most precious gift God could give! I feel so blessed whenever I look at my boys!

  2. Yep, being a good parent is the most important job on the planet. I wish more people would take it seriously.
    Your kids are beautiful and they have a beautiful and appreciative Mom!!!

    ps. My daughter is going to prom on saturday, I swear just yesterday I taught her the abc's. :0

  3. Motherhood is the only vocation REQUIRED in order to keep the human race in existence.
    I applaud and revere ALL moms.

  4. Amen!! Oh Colleen, I couldn't agree more. Family and children are such a blessing. One I thank God for daily. And yes, children grow much too quickly!


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