Wednesday, April 30, 2014


First up, a baby photo:

Here's Declan at 2 weeks old, laying on a beautiful blanket gifted to us by Aimee, isn't she sweet?.

I just started Weight Watchers, again.  I love the accountability of it, and also that you can eat whatever you want, within reason.  I am just no good at diets that are too strict.  Plus, I get 14 extra points for breastfeeding.  That's a whole meal!  I have been eating like crazy to get ready for my weigh in last night, and it showed on the scale.  Blech.  Am I the only one who gets more hungry breastfeeding than while pregnant?  I always seem to gain weight while nursing and can't lose it all until the baby is weaned.  It makes it difficult to dress for work when none of my work clothes fit!

In less vain news, moments like this occur every half an hour or so...

I think Declan and Xander look so much alike, and call Declan "Xander" every day.  I would feel bad, except that my parents messed up our names all the time, and we still turned out sorta ok.  Most of us ;)

Oh, big news! Phil finished up his second Master's degree last week!  Somehow he has been taking these courses in addition to all the other jobs and volunteer stuff he does, and it's over!  His first Master's is in Theology from Providence College, and his second Master's is in Administration from the University of Dayton.  So I suppose now he can be a holy principal :)  Anyone know a good Catholic high school that's looking for one?

What else?  Ooooh, my friend Aubrey started blogging again!  Back in 2009 when there were only a handful of blogs (kidding) I was able to "meet" Aubrey and will forever read anything she writes.  

I'm off to scour the internet for some Baptism party ideas.  If anyone has any good sources (especially cold food ideas), let me know, because my little baby will be becoming a Catholic on May 17th, which just happens to be Phil and my 12th anniversary.  12 years of marriage and 6 kids?  Sounds about right :)


  1. So many moms would say to me, "The weight just fell off because I was nursing." That was so NOT the case with me! Like you, I could never lose it while I was nursing; and when I stopped, I got pregnant again anyway!

    I agree that those two boys look so much alike! The are unbelievably cute.

  2. Yes! The Catholic high school where I work is looking for a principal. Want to move to Iowa and we can be friends?

  3. That baptism date is so cool! Love it! He is a sweet sweet little boy...Xander seems so huge now!

    Please take it easy on yourself...good just had a baby! I never lost weight nursing. Just eat right and nurse nurse nurse that baby!

  4. Cuties! I love the pictures of the baby with the previous "baby" -- nothing makes a 2 year old look bigger than a little brother or sister.

    And congrats to Phil!!

  5. Ugh. I'm the same way with breastfeeding. And I get so mad at the women who just shed all the weight magically "all because of breastfeeding!" It just doesn't work that way for all of us! Declan is adorable though... totally worth it, Colleen!

  6. I just started weight watchers :) In your free time, give me some tips (I needed accountability, goin' solo just wasn't taking off three years of baby weight).

  7. Love these pictures of the littlest Martin's together! So cute!

  8. And my birthday; a most excellent day indeed!
    Congratulations to Phil!

  9. I always eat more while nursing then pregnant...I am starving all day long!!! I truly feel insatiable. I also heard that our body purposefully holds onto a few pounds as a reserve while breastfeeding and that it gives it up once the baby is weaned. So there is probably truth to how you feel!

  10. Okay, now I totally want to see comparison pictures between baby Xander and Declan :) And I'm absolutely hungrier while breastfeeding, too! When you're pregnant your stomach has gotten so compressed by the end that there's just no ROOM to be hungry, but by the time the baby is out, all that hunger always comes flooding back!

  11. Cupcake rosary. It takes the whole dining room table but it's so amazing! (I'm assuming just your relatives makes a big party. IT needs to be a big party for all these cupcakes)

    Love the pictures and thought bubbles

  12. Sweet boys, how darling. And how did Xander suddenly turn into a Big Boy??!! I guess that's what a newborn does to a toddler.
    Baptism date, hurray! 12 years and 6 beautiful kiddos, you and Phil have done well.

  13. congrats on your husband getting his masters! he would be a great principal, so here's hoping he can find a great job! don't worry about losing the weight, you will lose it.

  14. reading this made me so happy!
    declan's baptism, the boys hanging out in the chair, phil getting his masters = you guys moving to indy, the baby blanket… everything except you being stressed out about weight!!!
    don't worry! only the freaks of nature can lose weight while nursing. just enjoy this time, if you can (and i'm sure you've heard that plenty) and don't stress!

  15. I just found your blog and I'm loving every post so far. Next rainy day will bring me through your archives! We just had our little one baptized and we did chicken salad and croissants. Our best idea though, was having two high school girls we knew from church come over to set up while we were at the baptism and then had them stay to replenish food, etc. Best of luck!


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