Friday, March 29, 2019

7QT: Speeding Tickets, Books for Kids, and the YMCA

Happy LAST FRIDAY IN MARCH (Whaaaaaat??)  


I mentioned earlier that I got a speeding ticket.  My first one.  I am appealing it based on my perfect driving record and going to beg for mercy!  I'm nervous to do it though, I do not like confrontation.  Give me your tips, you speed demons!


We joined the YMCA!  Previously, both Maggie and Xander were members to get half-off swim lessons and access to open swim times. I was paying $26 per month for their memberships, which I decided was crazy.  I was talking to a coworker about it, who happened to be a past YMCA employee, and she told me to apply for financial aid.  So I did, and it turns out that a family of nine living off of two small Catholic school salaries totally qualifies!  Now we are getting a family membership (me and the kids, Phil is staying at Planet Fitness) for $27 per month, only $1 more per month than we were spending on just two kids.


I'm excited to be a Y member because they offer group exercise classes, unlike Planet Fitness.  I'm currently taking three classes a week (a strength/core class, a kickboxing class, and an Insanity class) and running three days a week, and it's so perfectly balanced and wonderful.  I'm so sore after every class but I think in time those muscles will get used to it.  For now, everything is hurting because only my running muscles are in shape.  The big boys have been coming with me and working out at the same time as my classes. In the summer we can all use the outdoor pools, and I'm envisioning fully getting our money's worth!


Work is so busy.  I'm not going to complain.  I'm just saying it's financial aid season, which means I'm reviewing 240 family's applications, and there has been a restructuring at the Diocesan level which has left me taking over someone's workload, and I'm learning a new computer program on top of it all.  But I'm not complaining, just stating the facts ;)


I found a new favorite pair of work pants and got two colors.  I sized down a size because the waist is so stretchy and forgiving.  Love!  I also bought this jacket in red because it was super on sale.  Look at me dressing like a grown up!

Not me.  I know we're basically twinning though.

I've been doing a little Easter basket shopping and ordered some books for the kids including:

The 1st book of the Wizenard Series, which is supposed to be a mix between basketball and Harry Potter and sounds perfect for my 12 year old who loves both!

The 1st book of the Prince Martin series.  I don't know much about this one but Peter Kreeft reviewed it, and that's enough for me!  Plus, Prince Martin in a household of 6 boy Martins seems like a perfect fit :)

We have the first two Will Wilder books, so the third one is a necessity for our home.  I love handing my kids books that are written by devout Catholics so I don't have to worry about the content! 

Maggie is a fan of The Shadow Children series by this author, so I think her latest title will be a real treat!

Declan and Brendan love to sit and look at books so I think this one will keep them entertained for a long time!


Last but not least, I have quite a few people I am praying for.  My coworker is starting cancer treatment, my coworker's son is going through cancer treatment for the second time, a boy from Andrew's basketball team just lost his father, and another coworker just lost her mother.  Lots of suffering going on for these wonderful families, and all I can do is pray.  Please join me.

Have some lovely last days of March and I'll see you in April!  


  1. Heck yeah, we just joined the Y and it has been a game changer. Full stop. They even let me keep a kid with me if someone wants to shoot baskets while mommy works out, or needs a little extra TLC. My friend has a super attached 3 year old who watches shows oh her phone while perched on a pile of mats during our barre class. What I'm trying to convey is that THEY ARE THE CHILLEST GYM EVER, and we are never leaving. Also, I'm totally applying for financial aid. Did you do it in person or is it an online process? xo

    1. The form was online, just had to fill it out, attach tax return and drop it off in person. They called me back that day with a 50% off family membership offer. Good luck!!

  2. I have been debating getting a Y membership after I have baby 3 because honestly just to cover the childcare cost alone it's an insane deal! (Even at $75/monthly household where we live.) $3.75/day if you go every day during just the weekdays? SIGN ME UP. Plus the pool access would be a huge bonus!

  3. Wear a skirt for the ticket appeal. It helps to be feminine

  4. Oh man! We make just enough money that we don't qualify for any aid but the full price for all four of us is more than we can honestly allot. But I am so happy that you have that option!! I've never had a speeding ticket but I believe in our area most often the officer doesn't appear in court and then it's automatically on your side. I hope that works for you!!


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