Friday, September 13, 2019

TGIF with GIFs

I *think* we're settled into our school routines.  Some notes for memory's sake (because Lord knows I'm losing it fast!)...


We spend less on groceries during the school year because the elementary school kids get free breakfast and lunch at school.  They complain about it, but there's enough variety each day that I know they'll eat something, even if it is just a "meat and cheese sandwich" everyday (that would be Declan).  Every night, we pack two snacks in the lunchboxes and call it done.  Every morning, they whine and complain as they watch their high school siblings eat breakfast at home ("They're eating allllll the good cereal!") and make a real lunch to take ("It's so unfair!") so that's been fun.


I haaaaaate that the chunk of time I have with my little guys is also their worst acting time of the day.  I have them from after school until bedtime, which is roughly from 4-7pm, though we've been putting them to bed at 6:45 because they're so exhausted.  I know their crankiness can be cured with some quality time and food in their bellies, but I am busy making said food and employ the older kids to take them outside to play, or pull out a game during this time.  Then it's dinner, cleanup, bath and bedtime and I am left feeling like I barely saw them.  Tis the working parent's life, but it's still hard on them and me.


Brendan was our easiest potty trainer...and our worst at keeping his pants dry at school.  What gives?  He must just get so engrossed in playing that he doesn't want to take time to go.


JP has so much on his plate this semester.  He is a high school junior taking three AP courses, 2 college courses, playing soccer, working at Market Basket, and involved in a lot of clubs at school.  He seems to be handling it well (save for that one freakout after an AP Chemistry exam) and understands that by Christmas time, he will be done with his college classes and soccer season will be over.  Andrew is handling the high school load well, he loves being on the soccer team and is thinking about running for Student Council.  His guidance counselor emailed me to say how wonderful he is, adding "he reminds me of Phil!".  Ummmmm, what are you implying about his mother then?  Ha!  They both stay up later than me every night doing homework, and I dream of a new house with a master suite where we can relax without feeling like there's always someone right outside our door.


The middle school is way harder this year, according to my two middleschoolers.  They have a bunch of new teachers and seem to expect a lot from the students, to which I say Amen.  Kids need to be met where they're at but then challenged in order to improve, and that was not happening last year.  Maggie informed me she might not get all A's anymore, but then I told her she's my smartest girl and I know she can do it, which is a benefit to only having one girl, you can say things like that.


Dinner would never happen during the school year without a meal plan.  My friend, Katie, told me that she spends Sunday cooking for the week, and then just has to heat up the meal each night.  Now that's some serious planning and prep skills!  I don't think I'll ever get there (mostly because I hate leftovers) but I think of her when I plan and prep.  WWKD?


The school year brings so much more laundry and bathroom fights.  The laundry is because everybody's school uniforms and sports jerseys have to be washed all the time (each kid has two to three uniform shirts/pants yet it always feels like we're searching through the dryer for a pair!)  The bathroom fighting is because my kids are shy about going #2 anywhere but home, so it's a mad rush for 7 bums to use our two toilets at the end of every day.  TMI I'm aware.  But what's a blog post without oversharing?  

Have a wonderful football watching, soccer playing, date nighting weekend everybody!  Go see Kelly for more and TGIF!


  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your Friday updates and as a mom of 6, I appreciate you keeping it real! -Kate

  2. I have mixed feelings about breakfast and lunch at school. I'm glad kids are getting the meals they need, but I hate that the whole school breakfast thing is taking away class time. And it's not like pop tarts and juice are really any healthier than what most kids would eat at home. And my daughter (who is up 2 hours at least before the bus comes) does not need a second breakfast! I have asked the teacher that my daughter does get the breakfast, but I've no idea if it's working or if there's a stigma from not eating the food. I need to visit the classroom and see what's going on. I've caved on letting her eat the lunch because it was easier - and she'll at least drink the milk! - but she wants a lunchbox packed with food just like her big brothers. She doesn't realize the same crackers and juice box have been sitting in there for a week. (She goes to public school while the boys go to the Catholic school.)

  3. I love the bathroom part because I can so relate! Too too funny!

  4. My kids have a uniform for each day. Three regular days, PE and Mass and there is still frantic moments of where's my skirt (they didn't make it in the wash and wash is done once a week in our house) or where's the bike shorts to go under the skirts/jumpers (you wore navy to church on Sunday instead of the 3 other fun colors you have in your drawer!!!!!!!) I have no problem sending them to the dirty clothes (as long as they haven't been sitting under a pile of sweaty soccer practice clothes or damp-chlorinated post-swim clothes.


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