Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Princess Margaret Rosemary Turns Twelve

I can't even stand how old Maggie is looking in 6th grade this year.  She's taller than her 13 year old brother, shares shoes with me, and is officially out of the children's section at the clothes store.  And now she's 12.  TWELVE!  I still remember her like this:

Actually, that's not true.  When she was born, Eamon was a colicky 14 month old, and the first year of her life was an exhausted blur.  I really remember her like this:

 Oh my goodness, how cute was she?

OK, Colleen, enough reminiscing!  

Pull yourself together, woman!

Maggie's 12th birthday fell on a Sunday, and after Mass, Phil made her crepes with nutella and strawberries and whipped cream.  We added eggs and sausage for protein, and it was a lovely brunch.

The rest of the day was spent as normal, with the exception of the fact that Maggie got out of all chores and dog duty.  That's a birthday given around here!  She picked Cheeseburger Soup for her dinner...

And an ice cream cake with peppermint stick and vanilla ice cream.  I think next time, I will just double up on the peppermint stick - the vanilla portion was too bland.

But it was still delicious!  Just look at Brendan's face :)

Finally, it was present time.

Haley gave her a card with a promise of girl time.  Priceless!  My mom went all out this year, spoiling her namesake and only girl of our family (my mom always wanted a sister, so she empathizes with Maggie's testosterhome).  First up, she got a soft and cuddly sheep like in Shaun the Sheep (my little kids go through a Shaun the Sheep stage, which we all enjoy!)

There were Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers that Maggie wanted, and then...could it be what she's always wanted...???...

Yes! An Ivory Ella shirt!  I love how my mom is acting so surprised when the gift is from her, the Maggies are just too much!

Brendan found the fire very interesting.  Also, I really want to paint/cover up those bricks on the floor...any suggestions?

Next up, Maggie opened the present from us.  She got the pens and gel pens she asked for (the girl is a doodler by nature).

And then...could it be...another...

... Ivory Ella sweatshirt?  YASSSSS!

Phil and Lucy just don't get the obsession.  Which is yet another reason why girls rule and boys (and dogs) drool.  Jkjkjk.  Lucy doesn't drool ;)

Xander played Happy Birthday for his sister, and then practiced The Entertainer, his new song.  His teacher gave it to him after hearing me say it was the only song I could play on the piano.  Isn't that sweet?  I played violin for years, and wish I had stuck with it.  Xander's really into the piano, so we are encouraging him big time.

Maggie Moo, we love you!  I prayed for a daughter and I got such a great one!  I hope one day you are blessed with lots of daughters to make up for the lack of sisters in your life :)  Until then, we'll stick together, and you'll always be my FAVORITE girl ;)


  1. Happy belated birthday to my favorite Maggie in the middle! I admit, I had to look up what an Ivory Ella shirt was but I am so very happy she had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday to her! Hope it is a great year for her!

  3. I can't believe how old she is! 12??? Happy birthday!

  4. Oh, this was fun to read! By the way, I have a very handsome and kind 13 year old boy.


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