Friday, December 6, 2019

7QT: Snow Day, St. Nick's, and Sickness

Happy Friday!!  Linking up with Kelly and posting photos from Tuesday's snowday intertwined with my quick takes because I'm the boss (of this blog anyway)...


After seeing these photos that Phil took of the youngest four boys playing outside in the snow, I realized I may have a blue winter coat problem?  How do they all have blue coats?  It IS my favorite color, so I guess I gravitate towards it when buying clothes for my kids.  Sorry boys, you've got the winter coat blues.


Today Is St. Nicholas's Day!!!  This is my friendly reminder for you moms to go grab some Christmas pj's or books or candy and fill your kids' stockings.  The littles watched the Veggie Tale Version of St. Nicholas last night, and were very excited to head to school this morning to see what St. Nick left in their paper bag shoes.  The highschoolers get to pay $5 to dress down in red or green today, and receive a Santa hat and cookies at lunch.  I just love Catholic school!


The winter revolving door of sickness has started.  I blame the little kids.  They pick up everything at school and bring it home to share.  I think once we don't have any young ones in the house, we will be a lot healthier each winter.  Right now we have an ear infection (Declan), a sinus infection (Phil), and a cough/cold (Brendan and Maggie).  Every time the kids get sick, I remember to thank God for our general healthiness, so I'm thinking if I could just remember to thank Him more often, I might not need the reminders?!?


Brendan (seen eating snow below) has been using a "ghost" as an excuse for when he does something naughty.  For example, he dropped a meatball on the floor and said "I didn't drop that meatball, the ghost did it!"  He also loves to play "The floor is lava", which is a game where he randomly shouts out that the floor is lava, and we all have to jump up on a chair or couch or run to another room.  It's actually pretty funny to see all the big kids jumping to the 3 year old's attention.  Brendan rules our house for sure :)


We had the best snow day on Tuesday.  It was an unexpected amount of snow, and we used it to finish decorating inside, bake a trial round of gingerbread men (turns out I don't have any cookie cutters!) and watched the Muppet Movie together.  Such a great family day.  I think snow days are the best because every other day is so scheduled with activities, that I don't feel bad being more relaxed/lazy and/or doing a big project that I always think I never have time for.


We are doing The Wisemen ADVENTures this Advent, and it's been so fun for our resident Kindergartner (Declan).  It's basically a Christian version of Elf on the Shelf, where the wisemen (we use these guys) travel around the house each night trying to find Baby Jesus and end up in a different spot each morning, until Christmas morning, when they find him in the Nativity set.  It's the remembering to move the wisemen each night that can be the hard part!


I'm pretty happy that my Christmas shopping for my immediate family is done (besides the stockings, but Phil handles those).  Now I just need to be on the lookout for gifts for teachers, parents, inlaws, outlaws, and the Christmas gift swap we do with my side of the family.  Ugh, just typing that, I realize that I have a lot more shopping to do.  Tis the Season!

Have a wonderful, Adventy, family-filled weekend everybody.  Don't forget to celebrate St. Nick tonight!


  1. The snow looks amazing! Sadly, we don't get much here in west Texas. I also love the wise men travel idea... we even have that exact set! We'll start now.... thanks for the idea!

  2. Love all the pictures and that snow is so pretty. Have a great weekend!


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