Friday, May 22, 2020

7QT: A Baby, An Anniversary, and An End in Sight

Hey!  Hi!  It's been a while.  Here's what's happening during Week 1 million of the Pandemic ;)


First up, because it's the most important, is that our newest nephew was born!!  

Phil's sister Kelly gave birth to her 7th baby (twins in heaven) and it's a boy who is definitely making a grand entrance!!  Little Oliver Francis Kuzma was induced at 37 weeks because he has gastroschisis and will be at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital for awhile.  You can read all about their journey over on her blog.  Prayers much appreciated!


Phil and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary, and I enlisted our boys to recreate a wedding photo with our groomsmen.  Maggie was the photographer extraordinaire:

May 17, 2002


May 17, 2020

I love my husband sooooooo much, and I love our life sooooooo much, but I have to say that celebrating big events during this time is just not fun.  We tried to do something different to make it feel special, so we went to Trader Joe's (without kids) and then got Chinese food for dinner (with kids).  It's been on their bucket list to eat Chinese food with chopsticks.  

While the day was pretty good for a pandemic anniversary, I can't wait to go on a real date! 


Like everyone, we have been doing yard work around here.

When I say everyone, I mean everyone besides me.

I prefer to do housework.


We have also been cooking and eating our way through these days.  We made french bread pizza one night, which brought me back to my childhood days of eating Stouffer's frozen pizzas whenever my mom would let me.  These were way better :)  Basically, you just buy big loaves of french bread (not baguettes), cut into fourths, brush bottoms with olive oil, tops with a garlic butter mixture and bake at 450 for five minutes.  Remove and top with whatever you want and bake for another 15 minutes.  Yum!

JP made sesame chicken one night, which was delicious...but too much work!  We agreed getting takeout was definitely worth it from now on.  The amount of cornstarch we went through was ridiculous :)


Brendan's preschool teachers dressed as pirates and drove to each child's home to drop off some goodies.  The letter of the week was X and so they were handing out treasures, as in "X marks the spot", you get it.  Brendan was waiting with thank you notes for them!

They gave him enough piratey treasures for all of the kids in the family, each one written with their names.  How sweet and thoughtful and fun is that?!?!  These Catholic school teachers go above and beyond in loving our kiddos, and we aaaargh grateful.


Lucy Doodle Martin just looked so cute laying on the screened porch with her legs crossed like that, I had to snap a photo.  She is such a lady, which was actually her name when we got her.  Ha!  I can't believe she'll be four this August.


And speaking of screened porches, Phil is giving himself the project of repainting and rescreening the porch on this long weekend.  The weather today is just GORGEOUS and we all want to be outside as much as possible.  The Martins are most definitely outdoor cats, with the exception of one indoor cat, who would rather play the piano and read a book than play outside.  Every party has a pooper ;)

And that is a wrap.  I hope you all have beautiful long weekends.  The end of the pandemic is in sight!  Mass starts next weekend for us, and haircuts and playgrounds are on the agenda.  See ya on the flipside and go visit Kelly for more.


  1. Your way of making pizza with the big loaves is way easier than what I used to do. I bought the sub rolls which are more work. Congrats on your anniversary!

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