Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Gifts We Gave, Got, Loved and Sought in 2021

These are the gifts we actually sought and bought over this past year.  I hope this list is helpful to you if you are looking for any gift ideas and inspiration.  I also have a Gift guide tab and Book tab (above) from years past.

 I have included affiliate links, so that when you order something by clicking on my link first (even if you buy other items and not the item listed), I receive a small kickback at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for supporting our family in this way if you are able :)

Also, I always shop online through Rakuten which will send you a check in the mail as your shopping sprees add up.  Really!

Young Adults and Teens:

 a football 

Electric Toothbrush

Scratch Tickets

Phil Robertson's book

Flaming/Spicy/Kill Your Tastebuds kind of snacks

Carhartt hoodies

 Football cards

Sweat shorts 

Kohls gift card

A book about selling sports cards 

A ukelele

Redskins sweatshirt and masks 

 Rugged Rosary 

miraculous medal for Guys

football trainer throwing net

An XBox game

 A pretty miraculous medal for ladies/girls

 A Kindle and case

Girl's clothes

For Women:

Cape Cod bracelet

A Juicer

Talbots blouse

Yeti coffee mug

A soft Irish blanket (similar)

A double tiered Fruit Basket

My favorite coffee mugs

Chirp wheels

Sperry saltwater boots 

Cozy slippers


Softest blanket 

Pretty flameless candles

Comfy joggers

For Kids and Tweens:

Talking Robot

Light Up Sneakers

Pokemon Handbook and Pokemon cards

Paint by Sticker Books

Shooting Game

Guiness World Records 2022

Dog Activity Book

Boy Clothes: cargo joggerstan twill joggersExplore Outside shirtultra soft long sleeve shirtbasketball shirt

Whoopie Cushion

Charlotte's Web

 Youth football

Quaranteen shirt

 A cake decorating kit 

 Gabb phone 

Saints Around the World book

A journal for Catholic girls

Tervis cups with lids

Markers and Twistable Crayons

Green Ember books

Classic Bible Comics

Swim shorts and Rashguards

 IQ book

  a joke book 

Victor Borge DVD

fitness watch

juggling set

Sleeping Queens game (big hit!) 

For Men:

Yeti coffee mug

San Damiano Cross

Bourbon Whiskey Coffee 

Glasses created on Shutterfly 

Peter Kreeft's newest book

No Price Too High

Nespresso machine and pods

 Headphones to wear so your wife can sleep 

A Hidden Life DVD

Family Gifts:

 Santa chocolates

 Matching pajamas

 Sock Religious socks 

Water Tumblers

Heating Pad

New tablecloth


  1. I have no idea how you tracked all of this. Well done. I am not in the mood for shopping. I'd like a free pass to only buy the essentials. How do you think that'll go over?

    1. It does take me a lot of time! Thank you for noticing - ha! On each birthday/Easter/Christmas post through the year, I try to link gifts they received and then it's basically a cut and paste job.


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