Friday, November 12, 2021

Week in Review: Veterans and MRIs and Crafts

It feels weird that Seven Quick Takes is officially over.  What do I do with my Friday posts now?  I guess I can call these posts our Week in Review since that's basically what my 7QT posts were.  So here we go!


Happy belated Veteran's Day!  We had a cute parade go down our street, and as my little kids shouted "THANK YOU!" to all the veterans and first responders, I teared up a bit.  It takes a special person to sacrifice like that.  I am extra thankful for the veterans in my own family - my dad (a Veteran of both the Irish Army and American Army), my brother Sean, my brother-in-law Bill and my father-in-law.  Plus my bonus first responder son, JP.  I love you all.


I had to chuckle at the "banning" of the Elf on the Shelf as a gift to tired parents.  I never allowed that creepy elf in our house, but we used to do the wise men adventures (we would move the wise men around the house as they journeyed to find Christ) and there were quite a few mornings of disappointed children because the wise men didn't journey the night before.  Those wise men and the Tooth Fairy must be in cahoots in my home.  Get it together!


The Kindergarten teacher has her students disguise a turkey for Thanksgiving and this was Brendan's:


I have had neck pain since before I got shingles last January and I wasn't sure if the pain was related to the shingles outbreak in the same area, but it's been nearly a year so I mentioned it to my doctor at my physical.  He ordered an MRI and it turns out I am claustrophobic.  

I barely made it through the 15 minute test.  My heart was pounding so fast and I prayed Hail Mary's continuously while tears rolled down my face.  Next time I will take him up on his offer of medicine to calm me down.  Well hopefully there is no next time.  And honestly, in 2021...shoving someone inside a small tube with crazy loud alarm sounds is the best we can come up with to scan someone's neck??  I have the results but I can't understand them so I'm waiting for my doctor to let me know if I'm going to make it.  I'll keep you posted.  Or not ;)


We rewrapped our kitchen benches for the third time because little hands are awfully cute and awfully sticky.


A few Christmases ago, I made my mom and my mother-in-law a Family Birthday Sign and they were a big hit!  I bought the materials to make one for myself as well, but didn't get around to it until the last stormy day we had.  Please know that there is a reason I am an accountant (I was not gifted with artistic ability) but it does the trick:

Also noteworthy - Phil and I have a big family (7 of our own kids plus 5 siblings each plus spouses and 32 nieces and nephews with 2 more on the way!) and there are lots of shared birthdays and shared names, which is not confusing at all ;)

If I can make this, you certainly can make it even better.  Here's what you'll need:

Spray paint, stencils, and a sharpie.

Or you can just buy one and save yourself a lot of hassle!


Please pray for two very important friends of mine who are really struggling right now.  One's mom just got a devastating diagnosis and the other's dad just passed away from Covid.  I am so heartbroken for both of them.  There is so much pain in the world and we must keep our mind on what's truly important.  Hug your loved ones and don't waste the suffering but offer it up for eternal salvation.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, keep your eyes on the prize.


  1. Well I hope the MRI will not need to be repeated! I am so impressed by your craftiness. Happy Friday!

  2. I will offer up my own struggles for them. So sorry. Prayers for your friends.

    I didn't realize you are still blogging although I knew you had removed your account from insta.

    1. Hi Aileen!! How are you? I miss Instagram but I needed to leave.

  3. Why have 7 quick takes finished

    1. Kelly ended them, you should read her post 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Why have 7 quick takes finished

  5. I'm so behind on my Martin family posts. That parade looks like your town went all out. Amazing. I have a brother with the same name as yours, and a sister who shares your name. I'm also one of 5 and so is Coach. So many similarities, but I could never be an accountant. I was a business major, but I should've done something that utilized my creative side more. Well, running a daycare requires quite a bit of creativity, I guess. Too bad you don't live closer. Coach is a physical therapist and he'd probably fix your neck in no time. Seriously, people come from far and wide to have him fix them. Your commute would be the longest ever though. We never did Elf on the Shelf either. I never heard of the Wise Men's journey - that sounds like a fun activity but one that we would've forgotten most of the time.


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