Thursday, December 2, 2021

The 14th Birthday of Maggie Rose and the 1st Reconciliation of Declan Kolbe

Maggie in the Middle turned FOURTEEN!  She also had her first basketball game of the season at 8pm that night, hence the outfit choice :)

We started the day with a birthday donut, then she arrived at school to find her best friend's mom had decorated her locker.  Her best friend was home quarantining but her mom is the principal of their school, and I just think it's so sweet that she went in early to decorate Maggie's locker for her.

For her birthday dinner, she chose Thai peanut chicken over coconut rice and mint brownies and peppermint ice cream for dessert.

I specialize in ugly but tasty birthday desserts - ha!

Time for presents!

Maggie plays in a volleyball league that is very expensive, and it starts on the weekend before her birthday.  We basically tell her that if she wants to play in this league, she has to consider it a birthday present.  She agrees wholeheartedly and doesn't expect anything for her birthday.  But then her birthday comes, and how can we not spoil our favorite daughter with a few gifts?!?!

I had her open her girly gifts before the boys came in the room - no brother needs to see his sister's unmentionables!

We gave her the Advent book set that she had been asking for: 

She has been growing like crazy and needed a few Under Armour tshirts and a sweatshirt.  Maggie has been my ride or die workout buddy for a couple of years now and we both love spending that time together.  All the instructors and other class participants love her as well, and ask for her when she can't make it.

And of course, this athlete needed a new volleyball as well.

Sadly her basketball team got whupped by the other team (who is a travel team playing in CYO - why?) but Maggie managed to score and play great defense.  The game was so fast and physical!

Go Number 1


Earlier this week, our sixth child made his First Reconciliation!!

Declan (7) before....

And after!

He did so well, just marched into the confessional by himself and knew the Act of Contrition like a boss.  Priests must love to hear the first confessions of these cherubs :)  Fun fact, the priest who heard my 1st Confession fell asleep and I had to wake him to give me absolution!

And a clean soul = a treat!!  We took him to the local homemade ice cream shop where Declan ordered a sundae and we brought home a quart for the other kids to share.

Look how happy being forgiven of sins and ice cream makes this boy!  Declan asked me this morning if he can go to confession again soon, and you know we have to grant that request.  All of our kids have loved going to confession  when they're little and as long as we keep it part of a normal routine, they don't fight it as they grow up.  The joy and grace of the sacrament is addicting :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! She’s adorable, surrounded by all those brothers. ❤️


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