Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Turkey Talk and Other Tidbits

I forgot to even talk about Thanksgiving break - whoops!  

On Thanksgiving morning, I took JP and Maggie to a Boot Camp class that we love and the instructor had us do a fun Thanksgiving workout.  There were parts of a turkey (made from construction paper, not from a real turkey, that would be gross) lined up on the floor on one side of the gym.  We were put in groups on the other side of the huge gym and each group had to build a turkey using a body, ten feathers, two feet, two eyes, a nose and a gizzard.  You built the turkey by having one teammate sprint across the gym, pick up a piece, sprint back and then the whole team performed 10 of the exercises written on the paper.  While said teammate was sprinting across the gym, the other teammates were either planking or wall-sitting.  Once you performed the exercise 10 times, a different teammate would sprint and get a new paper while the others planked or wall-sat...and on and on until you built a turkey.

That took about 18 minutes, so then we had to do the same thing to build another turkey except this time we would sprint across the gym, pick a piece of paper, and give it to another team who had to complete the exercise.  That round was a lot more fun and I thoroughly enjoyed handing out burpees and pushups to the opposing teams.  Delivered with an evil cackle of course :)

The littles were thrilled when we brought home turkey bits for them to craft together - a win win.

Phil worked the chains at our Catholic high school's football game that morning, and our team got killed.  BUT!  The opposing Catholic high school literally has ex-Patriots players (hello Teddy Bruschi!) as coaches.  So, to be expected.

We went to one of my sister's house for a delicious meal with most of my family, had a family football game, and my mom performed a reading of The Wonky Donkey which was hysterical.

We all loved having JP home and Brendan made this pilgrim in school where he had to write what he was thankful for.  "J.P." was his answer.  Oh my sweet bookends.

Thankful for anyone else B?  Like the woman who carried you for nine months?

On Black Friday, we decorated our little hearts out for Christmas (well it was rainy out, so only the inside).  Then Phil, JP and I went to the post office to do our passport applications.

But Colleen, how do we know if you really did that if there's no photo evidence?

Fear not my questioning reader, I have got you covered:

Just act natural!  It's for the blog!

Trying to remind Phil that it was Black Friday and deals were aplenty, I sent him this:

Ha!  We truly set up our husbands for failure.

On Saturday, we "seas-ed" the day and took Christmas card photos while all the kids were home.

Sea what I did there?

Oops I did it again.

I can't show you the finished product but fine, I'll show you one of us getting set up...

Work it, work it

And hey, if you want me to send you a Christmas card (I ordered 100!) send me an email with your address and I promise I won't come to your home and kill you.

Phil has his yearly physical on Thursday, so we have been juicing this week in preparation.  We're nothing if not dishonest with scales.  We don't eat breakfast but drink coffee with collagen in the morning.  Our first juice of the day is Celery, Green Apple and Lemon.  The second juice is Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Kale and Orange.  Then Phil has a protein shake for dinner while I eat some real food because I'm hangry.  Hey, he's the one who has to get on the scale, not moi.

My juicer helper


  1. Honestly, the perfect Thanksgiving it sounds like!!


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