Monday, December 6, 2021

Week (and Weekend) in Review: Scratch Tickets, St. Francis and St. Nick, and Christmasy Things

Phil made me this unique Christmas Countdown Calendar...with a scratch ticket and a biblical quote for each day in December leading up to Christmas!

You know what they say, a scratch ticket a day keeps me merry and gay!  But like, the old-fashioned Christmas-song meaning of gay.

 Friday was the Feast of St. Francis Xavier which happens to be the patron saint of our children's Pre-8 school.  This year they debuted a new mascot named Frankie the Rebel!  

The school's team name has always been The Rebels...and they are using it in a positive Catholic way.  To be a rebel means to become a saint by rebelling against the world's temptations to focus on heaven's wonders.  So yeah, Go Rebels!

The outside of our house got decorated by Phil and Andrew.  We also have candles in every window (last year's purchase of window candle holders are still going strong!) and a lighted garland on the back steps and wreaths on the door.  This stuff makes me so happy!!!

JP sent me photo of some friends dressed up and ready to attend the Winter Formal at Franciscan.  We never thought to send him to school with a suit jacket, but he borrowed a friend's and now we know!

We took the youngest four kids to see a Christmas Tree Illumination in Bristol, RI.  It was a fun excursion that included getting pizza at a restaurant and then having hot cocoa when we got home.  There were lots of people singing and making merry and it was a fun Christmasy-vibe.

Hey kids, go stand in front of that cute house from 1795 before the owners come out!

Today is Saint Nicholas' feast day which means that St. Nick came last night!!!  And I have the blurry sleepy-eyed photos to prove it :)

St. Nick left the kids chocolates from Germany and a piece of a puzzle to figure out.  They put it together to learn that we are taking the family to an indoor waterpark this month!  Thanks St. Nick!!

And speaking of Germany (see chocolates) I was so happy to get a request from a reader in Germany who wants me to send her family a Christmas card - how exciting!  The offer is still available if YOU would like one as well, just email me your address at collmart at gmail dot com.


  1. Love this! Scratch tickets, water park, chocolate and pretty lights?! That's all such good stuff!!

  2. Love the family outing and the photo of the college kids going to a dance. So fun. Your house decorations are awesome. Our lights are super weak this year. It's embarrassing. I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you. I realize this is a late request, so if you have any left. ;)


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