Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday Faves: Watching ~ Wearing ~ Reading ~ Eating

~ Watching ~

While we were on vacation, Phil and I started watching a new show called Murderville (on Netflix).  Have you heard of it?  

It stars Will Arnett, whom we loved in Arrested Development, and is a comedy/mystery/improv show.  Each episode stars a different celebrity (like Annie Murphy! Ew David!) who plays the detective trainee to Will Arnett as the detective.  The cast of the show knows what's going on, but the celebrity does not.  They have to improvise their way through the show and also solve the crime at the end.  It's hysterical.  Some celebrities can not hold a straight face at all. Phil and I were watching it on a phone, sharing airpods, in a hotel room with sleeping little kids trying to stifle our laughs so as not to wake them, which may have escalated the comedy for us.  Now we want to go watch the original British version called Murder in Successville if we can figure out how to stream it.

We have also been watching this lovely PBS show, All Creatures Great and Small.

It's based on the true stories of veterinarian Alf Wight, who wrote the books of the same name.  It's has beautiful landscapes, wonderful characters, and makes me wonder if there's anything James Herriot can't do.  Of course the love stories are right up my alley, as are the costumes and manners of the time, with the accents like a cherry on top.  Apparently the only/best/easiest way to figure out what was wrong with farm animals back then was putting one's arm where it doesn't belong, which makes me a bit squeamish every time.  I just feel for the poor cows!  Other than that, it's a delightfully clean story.  Maggie (14) has been watching along too, and now wants to read the series.

~ Wearing ~

Guys, I've been finding clothes on Amazon lately, and if I don't like them, I just return them at Kohl's and get a coupon to shop there so it's practically no bother.  I tend to order a few things at a time, in multiple sizes, knowing I'll have to return something.  Truly, I detest trying clothes on in a store, so I typically shop and return this way when I shop for myself.  My husband and kids are all pretty easily sized and not too picky, thank goodness.  Anyway, here are my top three finds lately (click on the image to shop if you want...or not...I'm not the boss of you!)  And they all come in LOTS of colors!!

A flattering, fully lined (not see-through) white blouse
A tummy-hiding beautiful dress for a wedding we are attending in June

A fun and comfy romper to wear this summer (I wore it at Busch Gardens already!)

~ Reading ~

I am actually listening to this trilogy, not reading it, but details shmetails.  Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset is about the life of a young maiden set in Norway in Medieval times.  Her name is Kristin, and she's the daughter of Lavrans (hence the title).  It is slow to start, but then full of characters with surprising stories, and themes of love, sin, and forgiveness.  The heroine is annoying at times, but so very relatable in her struggles, and I keep finding myself needing to hear more.   There is no perfect character in the saga, everybody has flaws and temptations and achievements and longings.  It's a great read into human nature and how much it does not change through the years or across countries.  No wonder this historical trilogy received a Nobel Prize.

~ Eating ~

Too much eating actually, but it's still the Easter season!  Ha!  A new recipe we tried that is full of veggies and protein, and low carb is Cauliflower Fried Rice.  We either eat it as is (meatless with cashews) or add whatever leftover meat we have in the fridge (leftover beef bulgogi was delish) and it's a one bowl healthy meal.

Happy Friday y'all!!


  1. I'm not familiar with Murderville and it sounds like our kind of show. I remember reading the Herriot books when I was in college. I saw the original TV series, but need to check this one out. The cauliflower friend rice sounds yummy. Happy Weekend!

  2. I'm currently watching the All Creatures reboot (I grew up watching the original, and reading the books, too) and am LOVING it.
    Murderville sounds right up my alley; heading off right now to see if it's on Netflix Canada.
    Also, that romper is adorable!!!

    1. I hope you can watch Murderville, seems like we have similar taste in what to watch :)

  3. That cauliflower fried rice looks tasty. I often grab clothes on sale, take them home and ask for votes, then take back what doesn't make the cut. I have a really cute and simple v-neck long-sleeve dry-fit t-shirt from Amazon. So sad that when I finally got around to ordering additional colors, they didn't have my size in the color that I liked. Ugh. I chuckled at 'I'm not the boss of you.' Both of those shows sound really good. Coach has been out of town every weekend since we returned from Budapest (except Easter) with Reg for basketball. Hoping we can watch a show together . . . someday.

    1. Gluten free recipe ftw! I hope you get your partner in crime back soon.

  4. We couldn't even make it through the first episode of Murderville. Maybe we need to give it another chance. I continue to try cauliflower rice and no matter what I do to it, I just don't enjoy it. I need to check out that white shirt because it is so hard to find a white shirt that isn't see through!

    1. Agree about the white shirts! Maybe watch Murderville with an adult beverage? We found it so funny :)

  5. I will have to check out Murderville; what a concept!
    I put one of the fluttery tops in my shopping cart. I'm a little concerned about the waistband on the top though; it might not be good for my belly area. (where I carry most of my meals/weight)
    Gonna check out the cauliflower dish--sounds like something I would love.

    1. I think the blouse will be a hit! The band is fitted below my belly so that the fluttery part hides the mummy tummy ;)


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