Friday, October 28, 2022

Week in Review: Things That Make Me Happy

My lunch break walks... 

Walking a few miles in the middle of the day while listening to an audiobook makes me happy.

Dog walks with Declan...

Walking by our house...

New England in Autumn makes me happy.

I was driving home with Maggie after volleyball practice and we got rear-ended.  Boo.  I got out and the other driver got out and there was bumper damage and we exchanged info and I got her phone number.  When we got home, Phil said it was just scratches to the bumper which is plastic and won't rust.  It's also a ten year old Honda Odyssey with lots of other scratches all over, so we decided not to get it fixed.  I sent the other driver this text and I thought her response was sweet and full of relief.

Being kind to strangers makes me happy.

I am in utter disbelief that October is almost over and Advent is right around the corner.  These candles always seem to sell out, so here's you're friendly reminder.


Christmas prepping makes me happy.  

One of my coworkers always has a bowl of candy in her office, and sometimes you just need a little chocolate after lunch, ya know?  I had never had a Reese's Take5 but wow!  These make my mouth happy.  My thighs, not so much.

Declan's (age 8) prayer this morning was for "JP to be safe and have fun in Ireland this weekend" and Brendan (age 6) prayed for "God to change the weather on Halloween because it's supposed to rain" and Xander (age 11) prayed for "Mom to not blast Halloween music when she drops us off at school because it's so embarrassing" .

These thoughtful and funny little boys make me so happy. (As does embarrassing them!)

Phil made Giada's White Bean and Chicken Chili for our lunches for the week and isn't food just always more delicious when someone else does the hard work of making it?  He always makes me happy.

Eamon got his permit yesterday!!  Having an *almost* extra driver in the house makes me very happy. 

We have a lot on tap for this weekend, but we also have a pretty free Saturday which makes me soooo happy!  I hope you all have a wonderful LAST OCTOBER weekend.  Get those Halloween and All Saints Day costumes ready :)


  1. What a great list! Even the leaves down here are gorgeous this year so I can only imagine the beauty where you are! Thanks for the candle reminder. I need to order some right now!

  2. I love your boys' morning prayers. Glad there wasn't enough damage to require a repair and very glad no one was hurt. Cars - such a wonderful part of life, but yikes - they can lead to trouble. Tank is studing abroad next semester in Limerick. I hope we get to go visit him. Love your front porch. That reminds me, our front porch needs to be cleaned up. Curly carved a pumpkin very early in the season at a friend's house and it is a pile of mush that needs to be cleaned up before the trick or treaters arrive, or they WILL be scared. *we live on the corner so we don't use our front door much and I keep forgetting to handle that.

    A great happy list. Enjoy your weekend with a mostly free Saturday. Coach is teaching, but at least it's local. We are between high school sports - so no sports to run off to. Basketball starts soon.

  3. I like Xander's prayer!
    Wow, New England is very beautiful in the fall. Those leaves and colours are gorgeous.
    I'm glad everyone is okay and your van wasn't too damaged!

  4. It is SO nice when we're able to respond to a situation (like being rear-ended) in a way that surprises and encourages someone else! Sorry you had to go through that...but I'm glad you were able to turn it into a blessing.

    And this: "Isn't food just always more delicious when someone else does the hard work of making it?"

    Amen. I swear that a salad of cardboard prepared by someone else would likely still taste delicious!

  5. New England does looks beautiful! I love that you can get in a nice walk on your lunch break; that is a blessing too.

    Rear-ended? Not so fun, but luckily all is well!

    I've not have a Reeses take five and I probably shouldn't start now.

    White Bean Chicken Chili is my fave and I would love for someone else to make it!


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