Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Memorial Day Weekend Wrapup

When we last left off, it was Friday morning on the cusp of some big events.  Phil and I took half days from work (our *actual* accounting and teacher jobs) and we brought an ice cream party to Declan's 3rd grade class, as a surprise for a reward the class had earned.  The kids were so thankful and cute.  Then we went downstairs to the gym and attended First Grade's Book Share.  This year's book was a book of jokes, and each student drew a picture to go with the joke.

Brendan's joke says "Why did the house go to the doctor?  It had a window pane!" and you can see his awesome illustration of the house, complete with a pain (bruise) in the window.  Brendan has always loved art and wants to be an artist and a dermatologist but maybe an architect.  The options are limitless when you're six!

Brendan and his First Grade Teacher, who is so wonderful.

After the students read the book to the audience, we were allowed to meet the authors.

My mom and I showed up in matching jean jackets :)

Friday evening was Andrew's high school graduation.  

Because Phil has taught there for 20 years (I also worked there for 10 years) they reserved a front row for our family, which was so thoughtful and appreciated!

Andrew was one of the first seniors to walk to his seat because he was the Senior Class Treasurer, or as he says "an easy way to get a good seat".

We were seated in the row next to him!

The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was great and the speeches were concise and meaningful.  The commencement speaker quoted Winnie the Pooh, which pulled at an already emotional mom's heartstrings, but was lovely.

The Bishop handed out the diplomas...

But they had Phil go on stage to surprise Andrew with a hug before he walked off stage.  The other employees of the high school, who also had kids graduating, did the same and it made for a sweet sight.

I'm fine.  It's all fine.

I am truly proud of Andrew's accomplishments this year, in the classroom and on the field.  Going into his senior year, Andrew had a 3.96 gpa which was the gpa sent to colleges with his applications.  In order to get the same Chancellor Scholarship that JP had earned from Franciscan University, Andrew needed to have a 4.0 gpa.  After the 1st Quarter of his senior year, his grades were recalculated and he now had a 3.98 - so close!  He had also spent that quarter playing in just about every minute of every soccer game (with 6 day a week practices) and earned accolades from his coach and the local newspapers.  He kept plugging away academically and after midterms, his grades were recalculated again and he did it!  4.0!!  He got the Chancellor's Scholarship from Franciscan which is $15,000 each year for four years.   He got great packages from all of the schools he applied to as well.  Then, just when he could "give up" and ride out the rest of his senior year, he said he wanted to keep his grades up so that he wouldn't have to take finals.  Any senior student with an A average in a class is exempt from that class's final exam.  He nailed that too, and had to take zero finals to end his high school career.  He has always been an incredibly hard worker and that will get him far in life.

The Girl

Half the family is missing because they were scooping!

Andrew with his biology teacher who made him love the subject.

The Guys

After graduation, we went to dinner at a really yummy restaurant near our house.  I'm glad I had the forethought to make a reservation a couple weeks before...the place was so busy and packed with other grads!

Two down, Five to go!

Then it was time for a busy three day weekend at The Ice Cream Cottage (our *not actual* job)!

Looking Patriotic!

The little guys had their first tennis lesson for the summer, and loved it.  Xander said "I can't believe how fast that hour went.  It's the same amount of time as Mass but it went so much faster!"  Speaking of Mass, we actually overslept for 8am Mass on Sunday...which has never happened before...and goes to show you how tired we all are!

Declan was moved up from the younger group to the bigger kids, and developed a passion for tennis immediately.  He is currently deciding on going pro soccer or pro tennis.  Again, limitless options when you're 9!

We had our busiest night on Sunday...that line wrapped around the building next to us and was there for three hours!

On Monday morning, the Memorial Day parade marched right by our house.

Maggie was trying to be helpful at home before going into work, but accidently put Dawn dish soap into the dishwasher and created quite the sudsy mess.  I have done the same thing before, with a laundry detergent tab.  Like blond mother, like blond daughter.

I hope you all had a more relaxing and less messy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Congratulations to your sons!!! What a day for you, Mama!! Your family is just beautiful. And I freakin LOVE your ice cream store!!!!! The colors are PERFECT!!!! Any chance you deliver????

    1. Thank you! I could probably manage delivering to your beach house ;)

  2. You Martins sure know how to pack it all in! I am so glad the ice cream line was long, I am praying for your business!!

    1. Thank you Madeline, your prayers are working!

  3. Congratulations to Andrew! And how awesome that he worked so hard this school year when most seniors are "coasting"! He has a wonderful future ahead of him. I know you and Phil are proud! And that line around the Ice Cream Cottage is a beautiful sight. Congratulations to your whole family!!!!

    1. It was a beautiful sight, you are right. And thank you!

  4. Very active weekend.. Congrats 🎉

  5. So happy for your success! And that shop is so cute!

    Congratulations to your son on his graduation and all his accomplishments. You must be a very proud mama. ❤️

  6. Congrats to Andrew. What a hard worker. Hooray for a great scholarship. I am laughing at you guys running from the upstairs grade school event- to the downstairs grade event. What a busy weekend. The line around the building is amazing!

  7. I love Brendan's joke and art work; he has a bright future no matter what direction he takes.
    Girl, the Winnie the Pooh quote got me in the feels!
    Congrats again on your Andrew; what an amazing young man, but really, he comes from a long line of amazing people.
    I'm so happy the Ice Cream Cottage is doing so well. Bravo!

  8. Oh wow, what a banner week! Love your little one's joke -- and his career ambitions. Congrats to Andrew! What an accomplishment.


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