Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A Quick Getaway to Wizarding Week in Brewster

Here in Massachusetts, the kids are off school for the week for February Break.  Eamon and Maggie still have basketball practices and games, so Phil and I brought the littles (how many more years can I call them that?) to Brewster, MA on Cape Cod for an overnight at a resort that had a Wizarding themed week.  Only Xander has read the Harry Potter books because we make the kids wait until they are 10 to start, but the activities were fun even if you had no clue about Harry Potter, like me.

It just so happened that a favorite soft serve ice cream shop in Hyannis opened for the season this weekend AND it was a Sunday during Lent, so we had to stop and get a treat.  I don't make the rules, I just follow them :)

Then we continued our drive to Ocean's Edge in Brewster.  The mansion has a cool history, if you're into that sort of thing...at one time even being used as a seminary!

Do you think that metal ring is for horses?

He's never looked hotter Potter

Xander has read through the series about 15 times already!

The resort covers a huge area that includes multiple villas, a beach, pond, golf course and all sorts of athletic courts and multiple pools.  It would be amazing to stay here in the summer, but much much cheaper to stay here in February :)

Our villa had this big family room, plus a full kitchen and a master bedroom.  It was really nice!  When I was going to book our stay, I reached out to a friend who had stayed here before, and she decided to come with her kids (who are friends with Declan and Brendan) as well.  It was nice for the kids to have friends to run off and play with, and nice for me to have a friend there as well :)

Because it's winter on the Cape, lots of restaurants were closed, so we ate at this pizza place twice.

There were lots of wizardy activities, and we partook in some when we weren't swimming in the pools.  They made bogies and eggs and potions:

The cutest slytherin

Troll Bogies!

It was just the right amount of fun and adventure to kick off the week, and the little guys will have great memories, I'm sure.  They're already asking when we can go back!


  1. Oh how fun!! And I think you can call them the littles forever. Since they are your littles. But if you really don't love the phraseology of it all, once Maggie graduates high school (which I am unwilling to consider because she is not old enough!) you could just say "the boys." But that makes me sad to think about so on second thought, The Littles works for me!

    1. It gets so complicated when they decide to grow up - the nerve! My three big boys are "The Boys" so maybe once Eamon is in college, the littles can become The Boys. If I had it my way, Maggie would never leave home :)


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