Monday, September 14, 2009

Whatta deal!

Went here:

I got a water, Phil got a diet pepsi:

Got 4 of these for the youngins:

Andrew, Eamon and Maggie each chose:

John-Paul ordered:

Phil picked:

And I got:

All for $19.36



It was Kids Night (once a week), where all kids meal are $0.99 (including the drink).

And Teacher Appreciation Night (once a year), where Phil's entree was only $2.99.

So sometimes it does pay to be a teacher with four kids, married to a penny-pinching accountant. Right, Phil, right??


  1. Wow, that was awesome! I'm still laughing from that last remark! Life is beautiful...

  2. It sure paid off for you guys!!! I love a good deal too.

  3. Wow! That is such a deal you must have wanted to go back twice!!

  4. That is AMAZING!!! What a deal!


  5. We ahve a local restaurant/ diner where the kids meals are $1.99.
    We have their "club card" and get $10.00 "presents" for our birthdays to be used at the next visit...oh, and our anniversary too! The kids meals are great and they include drink and an ice cream sundae for desert!
    LOVE those meals. Pax.

  6. Holy COW! We can't get through a McDonalds without spending more than that! Well done! I'll have to remember kids' night!

  7. That's awesome! I had NO idea that Applebee's had a teacher appreciation night...sadness. Yummy dinner!

  8. Excellent deal :) We've finally realized that with the 6 of us (and the little ones getting bigger) we seriously need to be looking for the deals if we want to eat out. Great job!

  9. That's a great deal! When we go, we sit in the bar area - they have booths with tvs that the bartenders will happily change to the Disney channel. 'Bout the only place for a quiet dinnertime. ;)


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